• SOLOSHOTedit Has Arrived!

      Way back when we built the very first SOLOSHOT prototype, we realized capturing the moment is really just the beginning of making a great video. Sure, standing around for hours pointing a camera is both tedious and demanding (although not as hard as finding someone who’ll do it for...

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  • SOLOSHOTedit Beta is Coming! Update today to!

      This week, we will be rolling out the beta version of our desktop highlight suggestion software called SOLOSHOTedit. We are incredibly stoked to be releasing this key piece of the SOLOSHOT ecosystem. Now you can automatically film the action with SOLOSHOT3 and trim hours of video down to the...

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  • 3 Big Announcements

    1. SOLOSHOTedit Beta Release After months of testing by your fellow SOLOSHOTers, SOLOSHOTedit beta will be made available for download by everyone next week. Our editor, through highlight suggestions, makes slicing, dicing and sharing your SOLOSHOT videos easy. Film for hours and then quickly find and share the good stuff...

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  • Software Version 3.3.21 Available Now

    Software version 3.3.21 is now available. Please update your SOLOSHOT3 via the Update App to take advantage of key changes and improvements. Onscreen Tutorials Tutorials have been added to the Home Screen and within each App. Simplified Software Update Process We’ve improved the software update experience by reducing a few...

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  • 3 Things You'll Need Before Getting Started

    So, you've just purchased your SOLOSHOT3 and you're patiently waiting (or maybe not-so-patently!) for your new robot friend to show up at your doorstep. Thanks and congratulations! While we prep and ship your order, there are 3 important things you'll need before your order arrives.   [1] Approved MicroSD Card...

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  • Capture the Heart of the Action with Multi-Mode: Fastest

    SOLOSHOT3 can track multiple tags at the same time so users can capture all of the action.  To catch the action the way you want, we designed Multi-mode, where users can choose how the SOLOSHOT3 decides who to track. The most commonly used Multi-mode is "Fastest", in which the SOLOSHOT3 tracks...

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  • Share Your Next SOLOSHOT Game Video with the Whole Team

    Live-streaming your own or your child’s game on the SOLOSHOTapp lets you share every moment of the action with family and friends who couldn’t make it there in person.  It’s also a great way to share video footage with the whole team so that other parents can watch it live...

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  • SOLOSHOTedit Beta is Ready for Testing!

    We are stoked to announce that we have just released SOLOSHOTedit to our external Beta-Test Program. The Auto Editor makes slicing and dicing your SOLOSHOT videos easy.  SOLOSHOTedit suggests highlights based on your activity (or a '+' button press on your active tag) so you can quickly find the good...

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  • Multi-Mode: How to capture all the action when everyone wants to be the star

    We understand there are times when everyone wants to wear the Tag so they can get video. That’s why we came up with Multi-Mode.  Give everyone their own Tag, and then choose the setting that best fits your activity: 1.  Fastest:  Like the name says, it will point the camera at...

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  • SOLOSHOTapp: The Basics

    We designed the SOLOSHOTapp to be an integral part of how you interact with your SOLOSHOT3.  Currently, the most important feature on the app is the ability to share and live stream your video with family and friends in real-time. If you are live streaming, the app is a great...

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  • Remember that sunset forever with Motion Time-Lapse

    In February, we released a new app we love: Motion Time Lapse (MTL). You can take an MTL outdoors or indoors. Just set up your SOLOSHOT3, point the camera to your starting and ending points, hit go, and then sit back and and enjoy the view. It’s easy to use...

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  • Software Update 3.2.15 is Now Available

    Update your SOLOSHOT3 today and take advantage of awesome new apps, features, bug fixes and improved tracking. Thousands of customers have been using this software since the beginning of April and are stoked with the results, so we are encouraging everyone to update to the latest and greatest today!Have questions...

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  • New Cinematic Zoom: Which zoom is best for you?

    Recently, we added the option for people to choose their Zoom Setting. Here we explain the two types of zooms. The original zoom aims to keep the FOV setting as close to the value you choose (tight, medium, wide, or extra wide). If you are in tight or medium, this is...

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  • Watch the new “High Wind OIS” mode in action

    In our latest software, we have included a new feature—High Wind OIS—which should help our Optic65 users get better video in high wind situations when they are at high zoom. We had one of our developers go out, with two cameras side by side, to kite surf on a windy...

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  • Software Update Version

    Software Update  We're thrilled to announce that a new software update is available - and it's big! Please update your SOLOSHOT3 to version to take advantage of new apps, additional features and improved performance.  Newly Released Features: Motion Time Lapse (Beta): Capture fast, easy and awesome motion time-lapses at the touch of a button. Group...

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