• Mass Production, here we come!

      Over the past month, the team has been putting the finishing touches on the manufacturing line and getting all the software ready for mass production! Significant End-of-Line test improvements have been implemented, and larger batches of SOLOSHOT3 + Optic65 Camera Bundles have been boxed up and shipped to the...

  • Stay tuned for SS3pro info!

    SS3pro Product Update   SS3pro customers, we haven’t forgotten about you! There will be a separate update after the beefier drive trains have been thoroughly tested and sourced. We want to keep you in-the-know with the standard SOLOSHOT3 Base & Tags since most of the electronic components, supply chain, assembly...

  • Estimated Shipping Calendar

      We know that you are more than ready for this pre-order period to come to an end, and boy are we ready for that, too! We sincerely thank you for the continued support and patience, although we know it’s not easy sometimes. You deserve an amazing product, and we...

  • Software + Certification = Shipping

      We are closer than ever to getting your SOLOSHOT3 Bundles out the door! This month we include a sneak-peek of the user interface (UI) that we’re pretty stoked about. We’re also excited to show off the progress we’ve made in tracking accuracy and image quality over the past several...

  • SOLOSHOT3 Manufacturing Update

    We are excited to share this video with you showing the results of the last many months of hard work on the SOLOSHOT3 manufacturing line. We have now built several hundred SOLOSHOT3 Bases with the improved printed circuit boards (PCBAs) while also maintaining our laser focus on supplier quality, assembly...

  • Supply chain updates + end-of-line testing

    Shipping Update Every day brings significant progress so we're hoping we can come in early this time around. For now, shipping is still slated to occur before the end of March. The Base and Tags are slated to kick off mass production first, followed closely by the Optic65 cameras, and,...

  • SOLOSHOT3 PRO Pre-Order Update

    Shipping Update Most of our time and resources have been spent getting the SOLOSHOT3 standard Base, Tag and OpticX cameras across the line. Shipping time frames for the standard Bases have been significantly delayed this past year, as many of you are aware of. Although the Pro shares the same...

  • Behind the scenes look + updates from engineers at the production line

    We want to start the Thanksgiving holiday off right – first with another great big THANK YOU for your patience this past month, and second with a ton of information about your SOLOSHOT3 pre-order! Shipping Update We understand that this is what you're really looking for, and we sincerely wish...

  • Watch the SOLOSHOT3 + Optic65 camera in action!

    Product Update After months of painstakingly tuning our OpticX cameras and optimizing our tracking firmware, we are excited to finally share SOLOSHOT3 camera footage with you! Please click on the image below to watch the incredibly powerful SOLOSHOT3+Optic65 in action. When we began development of SOLOSHOT3, we knew we had...

  • Upgraded features: HDMI, 3.5mm mic jack, and more

    We’ve made a ton of progress since last month, and we’re stoked to share these latest updates with you: A Familiar User Interface Meets a Powerful New Piece of Hardware Watch your SOLOSHOT3 Base come to life, easily connect to the internet and phone home to your SOLOSHOTcloud account! Click the image...

  • Beta testing for SOLOSHOTedit desktop app begins

    While you patiently await the forthcoming SOLOSHOT3 (and believe us, it'll be worth the wait!), we're excited to announce the completion of the SOLOSHOTedit desktop application alpha testing and the start of a wider beta test!SOLOSHOTedit automatically identifies session highlights and displays them for you in a variety of ways...

  • Never-before-seen SOLOSHOT3 Optic65 camera footage

    Here it is! For the first time in history, 4K clarity has been combined with high quality 65x optical zoom. Check out this never-before-seen footage of our Optic65 camera shooting 4K video of the iconic Golden Gate bridge at 1x, 10x, 25x and 65x optical zoom. Please note that the first...

  • OpticX cameras enter IQ & SOLOSHOTcloud beta API complete

    We're excited to share some updates about your SOLOSHOT3. OPTICX Cameras   Optic65 prototypes have now entered the Image Quality (IQ) tuning phase as we bring up 4k30 and 1080p60 video modes! Both 1080p120 and 720p240 will be released as free firmware upgrades post-shipping. Optic25 cameras will ship with 1080p60 followed by...

  • The Robot Cameraman Grows Up: SOLOSHOT3 Launches Major New Camera Category

    Third Generation SOLOSHOT Adds Custom Designed Cameras, Auto-Editing Software, Cloud Storage, Simplified Setup, Live Streaming, and More

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