Software Update 3.2.15 is Now Available

Update your SOLOSHOT3 today and take advantage of awesome new apps, features, bug fixes and improved tracking.

Thousands of customers have been using this software since the beginning of April and are stoked with the results, so we are encouraging everyone to update to the latest and greatest today!

Have questions or require additional support? Please reach out through our contact page, we’re here to help!

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  • High Wind Mode: Improved Optical Image Stabilization is now available as a menu selection for the Optic65. This is recommended for users filming longer range activities in windy conditions. Examples include filming soccer from high in the bleachers, kiting in pretty much any conditions and surfing in windy conditions. The default setting for High Wind OIS is OFF, so make sure you turn this ON within Camera Settings if you need it.
  • Cinematic Zoom: Cinematic Zoom Mode limits zoom changes during periods of action, similar to what you see when watching sports on TV (default ON). This feature is located within Tracking Settings and can easily be toggled off if needed.


  • Tracking Behavior: Less aggressive zooming immediately after calibration to ensure the subject stays in the field-of-view until your SOLOSHOT3 has confidence to zoom in.  Check out this great customer video showing this in action in Surf.


  • Field Mode: Improved speed at which the Base hones in on the subject.
  • Water Mode: Squashed bug that caused camera to point straight down at ground.
  • Flight Mode: Improved focus in blue sky scenario and tracking improvements.
  • Multi-Mode: Squashed bug that caused multi-mode-fastest to fail when switching to fastest Tag.
  • Tracking: Squashed bug that sometimes allowed the subject to drift significantly to the side or out of frame.
  • Camera Update: Most SD card bugs impacting update have been resolved. Please use an approved SD card.


It's easy! Connect your Base to Wi-Fi, open the Update App and follow the on-screen instructions to update your Base, Tag(s) and Camera to the latest software.

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WINTER SPECIALS - Save up to $200 on SOLOSHOT3 with Optic25 Camera, Tripod Lite & Travel Bag!
WINTER SPECIALS - Save up to $200 on SOLOSHOT3 with Optic25 Camera, Tripod Lite & Travel Bag!
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