Watch the new “High Wind OIS” mode in action

In our latest software, we have included a new feature—High Wind OIS—which should help our Optic65 users get better video in high wind situations when they are at high zoom.

We had one of our developers go out, with two cameras side by side, to kite surf on a windy beach. One camera (right video) had the new “High Wind OIS” turned on, while the other (left video) did not. We’re stoked about the improved quality of the video, but you don’t have to believe us, just watch the videos and see for yourself!

We’re continually working on improvements, and will keep you posted as we make more progress.

How do you get High Wind OIS on your SOLOSHOT3? Easy:
    1. Download the latest software
    2. In Track app, go into settings (click ☰ at top, and select the gear icon).
    3. Select “Camera Settings” and scroll down to “High Wind OIS”. Toggle the button on (it’ll turn blue).
    4. Go film yourself!

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