Extra Tag

$ 149.99

The waterproof and shock-resistant Tag can easily be worn or mounted. A press of a button controls tracking and recording. A quick glance at the OLED screen gives you confirmation that your greatness is being captured. Armband and clip included. 

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Share the Spotlight

With the ability to track multiple Tags from one Base, the sky's the limit. Invite friends and family to join the action or get footage of the entire team. You can choose from three different options: track the fastest moving subject, track the closest Tag to the Base, or manually choose who becomes the center of attention with a simple button press from the Tag.

Waterproof & Shock-Resistant

Tough As Nails

Built to withstand your most intense sessions or your hardest hits, the Tag is designed to take with you on your wildest adventures.

OLED Display

Instant Feedback

The Tag’s OLED display provides feedback on GPS, tracking, and recording, giving you confirmation that your greatness is being captured.

By the Numbers

Extra Tag

  • Measurements

    • Dimensions


      1.6 L x .85 H x 1.6 W


      41.6 L x 21.8 H x 41.6 W






  • Battery

    • Type

      550 mAh Li-Po


      Up To 4 Hours

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