Capture the Heart of the Action with Multi-Mode: Fastest

SOLOSHOT3 can track multiple tags at the same time so users can capture all of the action.  To catch the action the way you want, we designed Multi-mode, where users can choose how the SOLOSHOT3 decides who to track.

The most commonly used Multi-mode is "Fastest", in which the SOLOSHOT3 tracks the fastest moving tag.  This is great for team sports like soccer where the speed tends to be the focus of the action. It's also perfect for surf, where users don't want to have to worry about button presses as they are paddling to catch a wave.  Below is an example of some of our developers out testing the Multi-mode fastest.  Notice how the camera smartly transitions between the two as one user's ride ends and the next user's starts up.

Want to try Multi-Mode: Fastest?  You will need at least two Tags that have been docked with your SOLOSHOT3. 

— Be sure to select all the Tags you want in the session for tracking (you need more than one selected for Multi-Mode).

— To change the Multi-Mode setting:

1.  Download the latest software, as we're continuously improving these modes as we get feedback from users.

2.  In Track app, tap the Tag icon in the lower left corner.

3.  Select “Track Settings”, tap Multi-Mode and select fastest.

4.  Go film everyone!

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WINTER SPECIALS - Save up to $200 on SOLOSHOT3 with Optic25 Camera, Tripod Lite & Travel Bag!
WINTER SPECIALS - Save up to $200 on SOLOSHOT3 with Optic25 Camera, Tripod Lite & Travel Bag!
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