New Cinematic Zoom: Which zoom is best for you?

Recently, we added the option for people to choose their Zoom Setting. Here we explain the two types of zooms.

    1. The original zoom aims to keep the FOV setting as close to the value you choose (tight, medium, wide, or extra wide). If you are in tight or medium, this is a great setting if you are trying to perfect your form, and want to make sure you always get the same level of zoom no matter what’s happening. 

    2. Some people don’t want to zoom in the middle of the action. For this, we introduce “Cinematic Zoom”. Just like in professional sports footage, in the movies or on TV, Cinematic Zoom tries to zoom when the action slows, holding zoom constant while you’re in the middle of an epic trick or run.

Check out this video to see the difference.


Cinematic Zoom is on by default, but whichever zoom is right for you, changing it is easy:

  1. Download the latest software.

  2. In Track App, go into Settings (click ☰ at the top, and select the gear icon).

  3. Select “Tracking Settings” and scroll down to “Cinematic Zoom”. Toggle the button on for Cinematic Zoom (turns blue), or off for the Original Zoom as you prefer.

  4. Go film yourself!


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