Share Your Next SOLOSHOT Game Video with the Whole Team

Live-streaming your own or your child’s game on the SOLOSHOTapp lets you share every moment of the action with family and friends who couldn’t make it there in person. 

It’s also a great way to share video footage with the whole team so that other parents can watch it live too, and those at the game can better enjoy watching instead of being stuck behind a smartphone screen trying to film the action. After the game, everyone—including the players—can watch the replay to see all the action.

We made the app so that you can easily share during a livestream, or after. You can share to Facebook with one click from within the SOLOSHOTapp:

  • Go to your current livestream, or any recorded replay video.
  • Tap the Facebook icon (logging into Facebook if prompted).

You can also share a link to the video:

  • Click the three dots icon for more options, and click “Share Options” (iOS) or “Copy Link” (Android, desktop).
  • On iOS you will be able to share directly into any of the apps shown including iMessage, Mail, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.
  • On Android you can paste the link into a txt message or any other app you switch over to.

If teammates or their parents want to see video from previous livestreams, they can watch those too on the SOLOSHOTapp, as well as follow you so they get notified when you’re streaming the next team game.

Go film yourself, and share with the whole team!

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WINTER SPECIALS - Save up to $200 on SOLOSHOT3 with Optic25 Camera, Tripod Lite & Travel Bag!
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