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Way back when we built the very first SOLOSHOT prototype, we realized capturing the moment is really just the beginning of making a great video. Sure, standing around for hours pointing a camera is both tedious and demanding (although not as hard as finding someone who’ll do it for you!), yet that’s just the beginning of the pain. You’ve still got hours ahead of you rewatching all that video searching for highlights. 

That’s why we made SOLOSHOTedit, our highlight suggestion software for Mac and Windows PC. In just a few short minutes, SOLOSHOTedit lets you turn hours of SOLOSHOT3 video into a highlight reel of the best clips from your session. SOLOSHOTedit suggests highlights based on activity from your session while offering you a number of ways to trim, expand, add or subtract clips.

Once you're happy with your highlights, simply export locally for use with your favorite full-featured editor or share directly from SOLOSHOTedit to Facebook, YouTube and the SOLOSHOTapp.  

Why are we releasing the Beta to everyone? 

In order to help us make the algorithms and interface better as fast as possible! Our highlight finding software has been working well in smaller beta testing for applications like soccer and surf, while activities like equestrian and kiteboarding need more development and user feedback.

The only way to solve that problem is to get as many people using it as often as possible. So thank you in advance for diving into the future with us so together we can make the painful editing process a relic of the past!  

How do you get started? Easy:

  1. Update your SOLOSHOT3 Base, Camera and Tag to the latest software (using the Update App on the SOLOSHOT3). The base should show version or later. Note that video filmed on earlier software versions will not work with SOLOSHOTedit.
  2. Download and Install the latest version of SOLOSHOTedit from our website for Windows PC or Mac (currently beta version
  3. Check out the SOLOSHOTedit user manual. 

To see the actual video made using SOLOSHOTedit, visit or watch it below:

A few things to keep in mind

  • SOLOSHOTedit currently only compatible with video filmed by the Track App on your SOLOSHOT3 running software version or later.
  • Video filmed on older software versions or with other Apps like Manual Control or Motion Time Lapse will not work with SOLOSHOTedit. 
  • Both the Optic65 and Optic25 Tracking videos work with SOLOSHOTedit.

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WINTER SPECIALS - Save up to $200 on SOLOSHOT3 with Optic25 Camera, Tripod Lite & Travel Bag!
WINTER SPECIALS - Save up to $200 on SOLOSHOT3 with Optic25 Camera, Tripod Lite & Travel Bag!
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