3 Things You'll Need Before Getting Started

So, you've just purchased your SOLOSHOT3 and you're patiently waiting (or maybe not-so-patently!) for your new robot friend to show up at your doorstep. Thanks and congratulations! While we prep and ship your order, there are 3 important things you'll need before your order arrives.


[1] Approved MicroSD Card

The Camera requires a MicroSD Card to record photos and video to. See the list of approved MicroSD Cards. Keep in mind that an adapter is also necessary for offloading content onto computers. Be sure to check, but most MicroSD Cards come with an adapter.

[2] USB Wall Charger

1.5 to 2.1A adapter required (most tablet chargers). The more powerful the charger, the quicker the charge.

[3] Tripod

Purchase a sturdy tripod to ensure that your Camera has proper stability when panning and tilting, which will result in smooth video.

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