Remember that sunset forever with Motion Time-Lapse

In February, we released a new app we love: Motion Time Lapse (MTL).

You can take an MTL outdoors or indoors. Just set up your SOLOSHOT3, point the camera to your starting and ending points, hit go, and then sit back and and enjoy the view. It’s easy to use and with a camera that can pan 360˚ and tilt all the way up to the sky, you can catch some amazing video.

Here are a couple of our favorite examples:

To take an MTL, update to the latest software and go into the Motion Time-Lapse app. You can select how many photos you want to take (10-1800) and the time to wait between taking each photo (2-60 seconds), as well as modify exposure if you desire.

Next, tap the arrows on the screen to control the pan and tilt to set the camera to the starting position. You can also just hit the plus button to adjust zoom. Then, hit “Set." Finally tap the arrows again to move to the end position, and hit “Start”. 

Remember not to move the Base or disrupt the camera white the MTL is in progress. 

Practice makes perfect, so start trying today!

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HOLIDAY SPECIALS - BUNDLE UP! Save up to $200 on select bundles.
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