Software Version 3.3.21 Available Now

Software version 3.3.21 is now available. Please update your SOLOSHOT3 via the Update App to take advantage of key changes and improvements.

Onscreen Tutorials

  • Tutorials have been added to the Home Screen and within each App.

Simplified Software Update Process

  • We’ve improved the software update experience by reducing a few steps.
  • For future updates, you’ll be able to simply power on and dock your Tag - placing your Tag into “Update Mode” will no longer be required.

Dock Tag for Better Tracking Accuracy

  • Once your Tag has a GPS signal, meaning no slash through the GPS icon, you can dock your Tag during calibration for better tracking.
  • Just power on your Tag and dock it to the Base at any time before or during calibration.
  • The Tag’s GPS will work together with the Camera's GPS for improved accuracy.

SD Card File Organization

  • You will now find your files neatly organized on the SD card by the date and time of each session.

Camera Improvements

  • Improved image quality with better auto-focus, white balance, and exposure.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

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New shipping rates to Australia, Europe and other select regions!
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