Multi-Mode: How to capture all the action when everyone wants to be the star

We understand there are times when everyone wants to wear the Tag so they can get video. That’s why we came up with Multi-Mode.  Give everyone their own Tag, and then choose the setting that best fits your activity:

1.  Fastest:  Like the name says, it will point the camera at whichever Tag is moving the fastest. This is a great way to keep the camera pointed at the heart of the action, whether in surf, soccer or skateboarding.

2.  Closest:  The camera will point at whoever is closest. This is perfect for activities where the subject may be obscured when they are far away, such as skiing or motocross.

3.  Button Press:  Not sure who to follow?  Let each person decide when they’re ready to own the show. With a simple button press from their Tag, the camera will point toward them.

4.  Group:  This is a new mode we rolled out in February.  It will zoom to ensure that everyone is on the screen, so you don’t miss anything.

We’ll have more posts in the future diving into each of these.  For now, you can check out Multi-Mode "closest" here:

Want to try Multi-Mode?  You will need at least two Tags that have been docked with your Base. 

— Be sure to select all the Tags you want in the session for tracking (you need more than one selected for Multi-Mode).

— To change the Multi-Mode setting:

1.  Download the latest software

2.  In Track app, tap the Tag icon in the lower left corner.

3.  Select “Track Settings”, tap Multi-Mode and select the Multi-Mode you prefer.

4.  Go film everyone!


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