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SOLOSHOT3plus is the newest generation of your friendly Robot Cameraman.

Shipping since February 2023.

ATTENTION - We are experiencing large order volumes combined with difficult supply chain conditions.

So for a limited time we have introduced a new tiered pricing model based on the shipping schedule that is right for you. Simply select the delivery schedule and price in the drop down menu that best suits your needs.
What's New?

Breakthrough Hardware + Software Upgrades!
We've added a new suite of cutting-edge sensors to the Optic65 camera allowing us to completely rewrite SOLOSHOT's tracking software from the bottom up.

The end result is a setup experience that can take less than a minute and a more accurate and robust tracking experience.


Get tracking in less than a minute!
From single spin calibration to no warmup, walkabout or recalibration, SOLOSHOT3+ feels like magic.

Click to watch how simple and easy it is to use the new SOLOSHOT3+.
  • Fast Boot

    The new SOLOSHOT3+ operating system powers up twice as fast as the previous generation.
  • ZERO Warm Up

    SOLOSHOT3+ will be ready before you are!
    No more 5-8 minutes waiting for the sensors to warm up because the 3+ sensors are ready to auto-calibrate right away!
  • ONE Spin Calibration

    SOLOSHOT3+ calibrates automatically with just ONE spin, up to 10x faster than the previous generation.
  • NO Walkabout

    Yep, we solved that too!
    The new SOLOSHOT3+ tracking uses your natural movements to quickly gain confidence and zoom into your desired framing.
  • Increased Accuracy

    SOLOSHOT3+ is also more accurate so you stay more centered throughout your tracking session.
  • NO Recalibration

    You can now move your SOLOSHOT3+ to the other side of the soccer field without having to restart calibration! The 3+ will even continue to track while in motion, zooming back into the subject once you have chosen your new filming location.

Stunning Out-of-Box Experience

Or should we say... Out-of-Case Experience.
Your NEW SOLOSHOT3+ arrives fully assembled in a custom formed case complete with a shoulder strap, tripod and 128 GB of verified memory.
  • Case & Strap

    Your NEW SOLOSHOT3+ ships inside a high quality formed carrying case lined with memory foam complete (includes shoulder strap).
  • 128GB of Memory

    To help get you up and tracking as quickly as possible, we've even included a pre-verified 128GB micro SD card conveniently inserted into the microSD slow on your NEW SOLOSHOT3+.
  • Custom Tripod

    Your NEW SOLOSHOT3+ ships with our specially designed SOLOSHOT tripod that extends to almost 6ft tall. N assembly required!


We’ve all had to get more creative with all the chip and international supply chain disruptions, so the 3+ leverages many of the components found in SOLOSHOT3, while providing a second life to all those SOLOSHOTs already out there in the wild!
  • SS3+ NEW

    Full scale production units made using 100% new components AND 100% tested in the USA.
    12-month Warranty.

    Includes Base, 65x Lens, Tag, Armband, Tripod, 128GB microSD Card & Reader, Case and shoulder strap.

    Select NEW option in the dropdown menu


    Assembled in the USA using new and reclaimed parts.
    Same 12-month warranty as new.

    Includes: Base, 65x Lens, Tag, Armband and Tripod.
    Does NOT include SD card, Case & Strap.

    Select REFURB option in the dropdown menu.

  • 3+ UPGRADE (Service)

    SOLOSHOT3 owners ship us their Optic65 to be converted into the 3+ model which we ship back to them.

    12-month warranty on upgraded parts.
    International shipping rates apply.

    Select UPGRADE Service in dropdown menu.
    Customer Service will contact you after you checkout to arrange shipment of your SOLOSHOT3.


    Get up to $500 credit towards a New or Refurbished SOLOSHOT3+ by sending us back your SOLOSHOT3.

    Email for details.


    We will buy back your SOLOSHOT3 for up to $500.

    Email for details.


    Select Affirm at checkout to see what payment plans you qualify for and use the Referral Code we send with your SOLOSHOT to earn cash back.

    Email for details.

FAQ: I own a SOLOSHOT3 with Optic65 Camera. Do I need new hardware to use these new capabilities?


Select the 3+ UPGRADE Service in the SOLOSHOT3+ dropdown menu. You will ship us your Optic65 camera. We then partially disassemble your Optic65 to convert it into a 3+ by adding the updated electronics using the same materials and testing used to make new 3+ cameras. Once complete, we ship your 3+ camera back to you and give your Base & Tag access to the SOLOSHOT3+ software.

Next Gen Software

We've rebuilt our software from the bottom up- which not only provides a more robust and reliable experience for you, it also allows us to more rapidly deploy software updates.

  • 10x Faster Updates

    SOLOSHOT3+ runs our next generation SOLOSHOT Operating System where most updates feel like updating an app on your phone - small downloads with fast installation.

  • Live Streaming

    Bring your family and friends into the action! Live stream to the SOLOSHOTapp and create a following.

  • SOLOSHOTedit

    Our free desktop editing tool automatically suggests highlights and provides easy-to-use tools for adjusting, combining and sharing your best clips.


We've learned a lot over the last 10 years! Our newly rebuilt quality control, customer service and operations team look forward to making sure your magical robot comes with an equally magical support experience.

    Every single SOLOSHOT we ship undergoes a multi-day series of tests at our San Diego facility, including a live tracking test, to make sure your SOLOSHOT is ready for action.


    Our revamped customer support team are stoked to hear from you. So get out there and start SOLOshooting!


    SOLOSHOT3+ is hands down the highest quality experience we've ever delivered. We stand firmly behind it with our 30-Day Return and 12 Month Limited Warranty guarantees.

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