Tech Specs

Creating video like the pros is simple with the new SOLOSHOT3 Base, created to work directly with out custom lineup of high-zoom OpticX cameras. Its powerful yet compact design is 30% lighter and ready to track in only a minute. Just click your OpticX in and go!

Additional features include: built-in touch screen, WiFi and SOLOSHOTedit, our intelligent software that automatically identifies video highlights for you.

Power On & Go
Get in the action right away with our fastest setup yet - the SOLOSHOT3 Base is ready to track in only a minute! Simply mount your Base on its Tripod, snap your OpticX Camera in and go.
Touchscreen Control
With a sleek, built-in touch screen display, your SOLOSHOT3 Base provides both the intuitive experience and on-the-go connectivity of a smartphone. Switch between applications, modes and settings with the ease of a finger swipe. You can even preview, edit and share your high-def photos and videos from the screen, in real-time
Move Camera Anytime
Need to change locations? Switch sides of the field? Get the sun out of your eyes? No need to power down and start over. You can move the SOLOSHOT3 Base any time, and after an automatic recalibration that only takes a few seconds, the Base will resume tracking the Tag.
Designed for OpticX Cameras
Designed to work directly with the SOLOSHOT3 Base, our new line of custom OpticX cameras are a match made in heaven. The Base supports new auto zoom technology when paired with either the Optic25 or Optic65 Cameras - compatibility with 3rd party cameras is not available yet. Setup is simple with OpticX, just click into the Base, and go - no adapter needed!
More Compact & Powerful
The SOLOSHOT3 Base is the perfect companion for your on-the-go adventures: it weighs just 1.6 lbs.; WiFi is built-in; its hardy battery lasts up to 3.5 hours, and has the strongest motors yet for even faster tracking and panning - all while maintaining the exceptionally smooth, professional-quality video that SOLOSHOT is renowned for.
63.2 D x 125.3 H x 84.1 W (mm)
Battery Type
3.5 hours (*typical use)
K-Lock Compatible
Pan Range
360° (continuous)
Pan Speed
120 °/sec (max)
Tilt Speed
60 °/sec (max)
Tilt Range
140 ° (-50 +90)
Camera Compatibility
Camera Weight
1.5 lbs
OpticX Cameras
3rd Party
POV cams only
Automatic Zoom Support
OpticX cameras: Yes
3rd Party Cameras: No
Device Connectivity
Expansion Ports
Front Accessory Port
SS Camera Adapter Interface
Connectivity / Charging
mini-USB OTG
SS Link
2.4 GHz
Yes (802.11 b/g/n)
Supported Features
Setup Time
Ready in a minute
Mobile/Moving Base
Indoor Tracking Accessory
Live Streaming
Built-In Auto Editing + Cloud Sync
External Auto Editing Software
Touchscreen Control
Astro Tracking
Mobile Connectivity***
Mobile/Tablet Remote Control***
Multi Mode (Track Multiple Tags)
Remote Record, Photo Control
App Connectivity

* Typical use case implies 1080p @ 60 fps recording, streaming is not enabled and touch screen is turned off

**Night mode extended exposure required by astro photography will be available as a scheduled firmware upgrade after product launch

***Requires App and 3rd party mobile device


40% smaller and 30% lighter than its predecessor, our new Tag is still waterproof up to 30 ft. and shock-resistant.

With a new, crystal clear OLED display, it's even easier to control. Built-in WiFi lets you connect to your mobile device for long distance remote control.

OLED Display
Our smallest Tag yet is also the easiest to read, now with OLED Display. Similar to your TV screen or computer monitor, we designed the new Tag so you can clearly see when SOLOSHOT3 is recording, tracking or changing settings.
Smaller & Lighter
Weighing in at 1.4 oz and measuring just 42 x 42 x 15 mm, the SOLOSHOT3 Tag is more wearable than ever before. The new Tag promises not to distract you or slow you down. No risk of bulky equipment adorning your arm or waist, in fact, you may not even notice it when it's on!
Waterproof & Shock Resistant
Our new and improved Tag is still built to withstand waves, waterfalls and splashes, up to 30 ft., not to mention it can take a bit of a beating! Shock resistant - don't be afraid to take it with you on your wildest adventures.
Long Distance Range
The Tag is trackable from up to 2,000 feet away. That means you can capture video with your Tag standing as far away as nearly 5 football fields - so go long!
1.4 oz
41.6 L x 21.8 H x 41.6 W (mm)
Battery Type
550 mAh Li-Po
Battery Life
3.5 hrs (outdoors)
4.5 hrs (indoors)
Device Connectivity
Compatible with Front Accessory Port on all SOLOSHOT3 Tag units. Stand alone charging accessories coming soon.
SS Link
2.4 GHz
802.11 b/g/n
Supported Features
Range (SS Link)
2,000 ft
Range (Wi-Fi)
30 ft
30 ft

Finally, a camera designed by SOLOSHOT for SOLOSHOT! Just click into the Base and go.

Featuring a 25x optical zoom lens, the Optic25 clips into both SOLOSHOT3 and 3pro Bases for auto zoom and focus tracking. Whether recording 1080p60 video or taking 12MP photo bursts, the large diameter glass, telescoping lens and 1/2.3" sensor provide stunning image quality. Audio support includes built-in mono mic and 3.5 mm input jack for external and wireless mics.

25x Optical Zoom
With a powerful 25x optical zoom lens, you'll capture every expression on your child's face as they score the winning goal. Plus, the Optic25's auto zoom and focus technology lets you film crisp, centered video like a pro, while you're cheering from the sidelines.
Stunning Image Quality
Effortlessly create cinematic video every time - the Optic25 camera captures a max high-resolution of 1080p video at 60 frames per second video and sharp 12MP stills.
Specialty Modes
A variety of specialty modes put creativity in your hands with more options than ever before. Produce unique photo sequences with the power of 12MP photo bursts and Motion Time Lapse photos. The Astro Tracking mode makes it possible to get stable, high-res footage of the stars above, while you relax and enjoy the night sky from below.
Easy Click & Go
Made by SOLOSHOT for SOLOSHOT3 and 3pro Bases, the Optic25 Camera offers the most effortless setup yet - just clip into the Base and go!
Battery + Charging
Powered by SOLOSHOT3 Base
219 grams
67.6 L x 88.8 H x 65.5 W (mm)
SS 'Hot Shoe' accessory port
SS Camera Adapter Interface
Optical Zoom
Lens Elements
12 elements, 11 groups
Image Stabilization
Focal Length, Effective (EFL)
4.3 - 107.5mm
Focal Length, 35mm Format
24 - 600mm
Focus Distance
0.1m to ∞ (continuous, wide)
2.5m to ∞ (continuous, tele)
IHorizonal Field of View (HFOV)
72.6° (wide)
3.4° (telephoto)
Compatible Filters
Image Sensor
Video Capture
1080p @ 30, 60 fps
720p @ 120 fps
Video Compression
Video File Container
Still Capture
Image Size
4000H x 3000V
File Format
Burst Rate
3 fps (up to 10 seconds)
5 fps (up to 6 seconds)
10 fps (up to 3 seconds)
Time Lapse Intervals
1 - 60 seconds
Exposure Mode
Automatic (AE)
Audio Compression
AAC 48KHz (128Kbit/s)
Internal Mic
Mono, Digital
External Mic
Analog, Stereo (3.5mm plug)
Remote Wireless Mic
Supported (purchased separately)
UHS-I Class 3 (U3) recommended
Up to 128GB

*** Features highlighted in red will be introduced through scheduled firmware release(s) after product launches

SOLOSHOT3 + Optic25

For on-the-go adventurers out there searching for compact, portable gear that still packs a pro-quality punch, the SOLOSHOT3 + Optic25 Camera Bundle is the answer to your woes.

The Base may only weigh 1.6 lbs., but its hardy battery lasts for 3.5 hours and boasts the strongest motors yet for even faster tracking - up to 2,000 ft. away - panning, and stunning image quality. The Optic25 Camera is designed specifically for SOLOSHOT3 to provide optimal compatibility and even faster setup - no Camera Adapter Accessory is needed.

Whether you’re hittin’ the slopes or hiking rugged terrain, with this bundle, you’ll never have to sacrifice quality video for convenience again.

Thank you!

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