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Live Stream or

Bring your family and friends into the action! Live stream to the SOLOSHOTapp, share the footage to Facebook and create a following.

Our app allows everyone to explore videos (no SOLOSHOT3 required) from around the globe, follow interesting people and share in their incredible adventures.


Create Your Personal Highlight Reel.

Our free desktop editing tool automatically suggests highlights and provides easy-to-use tools for adjusting, combining and sharing your best clips.

You choose what you want to do with it. Analyze it. Keep it for yourself or share it with the world.

  • Version    Size 93MB

  • Version    Size 78MB

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HOLIDAY SPECIALS - BUNDLE UP! Save up to $200 on select bundles including FREE Tripod Lite & Travel Bag.
HOLIDAY SPECIALS - BUNDLE UP! Save up to $200 on select bundles.
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