SOLOSHOTedit Beta is Ready for Testing!

We are stoked to announce that we have just released SOLOSHOTedit to our external Beta-Test Program.

The Auto Editor makes slicing and dicing your SOLOSHOT videos easy.  SOLOSHOTedit suggests highlights based on your activity (or a '+' button press on your active tag) so you can quickly find the good stuff you care about. It also will allow you to save videos locally and post videos directly to our app as well as to Facebook and YouTube. 

Here's an example of how SOLOSHOTedit works. Hours of continuous SOLOSHOT video was reduced to only the best highlights in minutes:

To see the actual video made using SOLOSHOTedit, visit or watch it below:


We want our software to be heavily driven by our community and what better way than have our SOLOSHOT users try it out and give feedback that we will incorporate into the final release. Our Beta Testers are real customers who participate in a huge range of activities, from team sports to equestrian to surf and beyond.  

If you are interested in joining the SOLOSHOT Beta-Test Program, please fill out this form. We will soon be ramping up our program for beta testing to fully test our newest software products - SOLOSHOTedit, Gallery, Remote control and more. As the program expands, we'll be contacting users who have expressed interest based on testing needs for different activities and use cases.

We look forward to working with all of our Beta Testers soon and want to thank you for your continued support of SOLOSHOT!

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