The Story

Like most great products, SOLOSHOT began as a solution to a problem. When the waves come up, everyone wants to be in the water. It's hard to find someone to stand on the beach pointing a camera for hours even though that's usually the best angle to shoot from. You really need a dedicated, skilled cameraman who is always at the ready to get the kind of high quality footage that professionals use to train or share with the world.

Even though SOLOSHOT started as a way for surfers to finally get that perspective shot they craved, the product has really taken off in all kinds of communities where the participants really want that angle that previously could only be captured by a dedicated professional cameraman. It's pretty great to see random videos of rugby and soccer and even dog training and RC flying.

When you think about it, you can set up a SOLOSHOT on the sidelines and get hours of super high quality footage of your practice, EVERY practice. The impact this kind of product will have on the careers of striving action and field sports athletes is already significant and we have only just begun to scratch the surface.

I still watch footage from surf trips I took 10 years ago and, even though it's pretty shaky, it takes me back to that moment. I can remember the drive to the beach or how the fresh local juice tasted. It makes me smile to know that will happen with way more footage for way more people. Only now the footage (and the surfing) will be much better and the smiles a whole lot bigger.

We would like to extend a hearty thanks to our loyal customers. Truly revolutionary products like SOLOSHOT could not exist without trailblazing early adopters like you. As a hands on company that proudly designs and manufactures its own products in the USA, we invite you to stay tuned as we continue to push the limit of what's possible!

Now, go put your life in perspective!

Our goal is to enable people to spend way less time behind a camera or computer screen and way more time enjoying the moment, while capturing it at the same time.
Chris Boyle
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
& Chairman

The Team

Chris Boyle
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
& Chairman
Chris Boyle is a seasoned entrepreneur, engineer and visionary inventor who strives to keep one foot in the laboratory and one in the sand. He is the Founder, CEO and Chairman at Soloshot, Inc., the category-creating leader in film-and-follow technology. Since the first award-winning SOLOSHOT Robot Cameraman shipped to customers in 2012, Chris has led the team to successfully develop two additional generations that have been recognized by the New York Times, Google, JPMorgan Chase, Lexus and has been featured on CBS’s Innovation Nation, Discovery Channel and Fast Company. Prior to Soloshot, Inc., Chris received his degree in biomedical engineering before filing his first patent and starting his first company at just 22 years old developing technologies that were ultimately licensed to a Fortune 50 medical device company. Chris holds 42 issued U.S. patents across a myriad of fields with additional patents pending.
Alexander Sammons
Chief Technology Officer
As Chief Technology Officer, Alexander Sammons brings an unparalleled blend of technical leadership experience, development know-hows, a multi-faceted engineering background and a passion for commercializing innovative solutions to the Soloshot team. Sammons has been with the company since 2011 where he has led global engineering teams, overseen technology integration and the development of a robust product pipeline, as well as spearheaded construction of novel manufacturing processes to meet stringent product performance and usability requirements. Immediately prior to joining Soloshot, Sammons served as a technical leader at Kinetic Concepts, Inc., a world leader in advanced wound care solutions, where he led cross-functional design teams through development and commercialization of advanced medical technologies within the Therapeutic Support Systems and Active Healing Solutions divisions of KCI and was responsible for hands-on development of prototypes based on preliminary user requirements, market research, and intellectual property landscape assessment while guiding development efforts through a gated design cycle consisting of concept, planning, development, evaluation and commercialization phases. Before joining KCI, Sammons served as a founder and CEO of an aerospace startup, where he exercised his extensive knowledge base in mechanical and electrical engineering, design for manufacturability, imaging and embedded systems in developing high payload drones and gyro-stabilized camera gimbal systems for use in airborne surveillance applications. Sammons has a proven success record in inventing, designing and commercializing innovative solutions that address unmet user needs across the medical device, aerospace and consumer electronics industries, which has resulted in an extensive portfolio of over forty domestic and internationally issued and pending patent applications.
Ryan Savage
Chief Operations Officer
Ryan Savage serves as Chief Operating Officer at Soloshot, Inc. He joined the company in April 2012 with nearly a decade of global operations and sales experience. Prior to his position at Soloshot, Savage joined the General Electric (GE) Company and quickly rose through the ranks while living in Dallas, San Diego, South Carolina and China. Upon joining GE he was accepted into a 2-year Distribution & Sales management training program (DSP). During that time he served in multiple roles ranging from warehousing, inventory management and sales. Following graduation from the DSP he held multiple supply chain roles including operations, global account management, and P&L management across multiple GE divisions. Immediately prior to joining Soloshot, Savage was based in Shanghai, China working for the Oil & Gas division of GE Energy as a Senior Operations Manager. Savage attended Texas A&M University where he earned a degree in Industrial Distribution and graduated Cum Laude.

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