SOLOSHOT: Includes base, transmitter, tripod, travel bag, armband, wall charger, float
  • SOLOSHOT: Includes base, transmitter, tripod, travel bag, armband, wall charger, float
  • SOLOSHOT: Includes base, transmitter, tripod, travel bag, armband, wall charger, float
  • SOLOSHOT: Includes base, transmitter, tripod, travel bag, armband, wall charger, float
  • SOLOSHOT: Includes base, transmitter, tripod, travel bag, armband, wall charger, float
  • SOLOSHOT: Includes base, transmitter, tripod, travel bag, armband, wall charger, float


SOLOSHOT automatically rotates to keep your camera pointed at you, from a distance, with NO camera operator.  Set up your SOLOSHOT tripod, attach your camera, and film all your outdoor exploits:




  • Surfing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Kiteboarding
  • Waterskiing
  • Paddleboarding
  • Kayaking
  • Windsurfing
  • Sailing 



  • Motocross
  • Motorcycle racing
  • Drag racing
  • Car racing
  • Drifting



  • Snowboarding
  • Skiing
  • Snowmobiling 
  • Ice skating



  • Skateboarding
  • Surfing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Snowboarding



  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Flag football
  • Track and field



  • Long exposures
  • Time lapse
  • Sequence shots



    • Second cameraman
    • Blind shots
    • Automatic panning




    • Horse racing
    • Showing
    • Polo 




    SOLOSHOT works by keeping your camera pointed at an armband you wear while you are having fun.  With SOLOSHOT doing the filming, you can re-live and share great moments, waves, jumps and tricks.  Pass the transmitter to your friend for a bit and they can get some footage too. The best part? No one has to stand on the side of the action holding a camera all day!




    WHAT'S INCLUDED: Base, transmitter, 5' collapsable tripod, travel bag, armband, 100-240V wall charger (US socket) and armband float.





    • Tracks at distances up to 2000 feet (half a kilometer).
    • The maximum pan speed is over 40 degrees per second.
    • The fastest object tested so far was a race car going 143 mph. 
    • Batteries last 5+ hours.
    • A super bright tracking LED lets you know SOLOSHOT is   pointing at you. 
    • A security feature gives you an access point to lock your camera to the Base, and the tripod can be locked to stationary objects (the same as you would lock up a bicycle). 
    • The pairing process allows multiple people to each use their own SOLOSHOT near each other.  Each Base will only follow the transmitter that it is paired to. 




    BASE: Any camcorder or camera (up to 5 lbs) that mounts to a standard tripod will mount to the SOLOSHOT Base. You manually set tilt and zoom appropriately on set up. 




    TRANSMITTER: The SOLOSHOT Transmitter is incredibly waterproof, shockproof and comfortable, and was designed for the harshest ocean environments (we originally started developing SOLOSHOT to film ourselves surfing).  




    TRIPOD: The Base comes pre-mounted to a custom professional tripod that can extend from 2 ft to over 5 ft.   




    CAPTURE EVERYTHING: The best part about SOLOSHOT is you just hit record and forget about the camera.  Just set up the SOLOSHOT tripod, press record, follow the transmitter pairing sequence and have fun knowing you are getting sick footage of everything. The pairing sequence means your SOLOSHOT will only follow YOU during your filming session even if there are 20 other people using their own SOLOSHOTs. When you finish your session the footage is right there for you to watch.  




    SECURITY: For those situations where there is no one around to lazily read a book while SOLOSHOT does all the work, SOLOSHOT has built in security features that gives you an access point to lock your camera to. The tripod can also be locked to nearby fixed objects (such as a large pieces of driftwood, lifeguard stand, park bench... so be creative!). 




    GREEN LIGHT: Additionally, SOLOSHOT shines a super bright green light in the direction your camera is pointing so that when you see the green light you can rest assured that SOLOSHOT is still there and pointing at you. 




    BEST PERFORMANCE: We originally developed SOLOSHOT for surfing, but we know it has many other uses. SOLOSHOT works best if you are between 100ft and 2000ft from the SOLOSHOT base and set the zoom such that there is about 30ft on either side of you in the frame. Other than that, have fun, tell us about it and post your videos online!




    30 DAY RETURN and 1 YEAR WARRANTY: We also know this is a new product for everyone, so we do offer a no-questions-asked 30 day return policy. However, we've been out at the beach, at the track, in the water and at the park getting lots of great feedback so we know you are going to love this product! Be sure to check out all the new SOLOSHOT videos coming out. 


    PATENTS PENDING and ISSUED: The innovative technologies surrounding the current SOLOSHOT system and potential future versions have 20 pending patents. 


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    • Rugged engineering grade ABS polymer enclosure
    • Security feature allows for locking camera to SOLOSHOT
    • Freely spins 360 degrees continuously (Tilt manually set at start up)
    • Internal rechargeable battery
    • 5+ hour battery life
    • Standard camera mount screw (1/4")
    • Works with most cameras, from camcorders to SLRs
    • Super bright LED can be seen from the water so you know SOLOSHOT is still pointing at you (only visible in a narrow band)



    • Up to 2000 foot range
    • Extremely durable
    • Extremely waterproof in both saltwater and freshwater (No cases to open or close. No battery to take out and charge. Just legit waterproofing you would expect from electronics designed for the ocean)
    • Waveproof
    • Internal rechargeable battery
    • 5+ hour battery life




    • Comfortable
    • Fits most arm sizes
    • Elastic
    • Made of non-corrosive nylon



    • 5 feet tall at full extension
    • 3 collapsable legs
    • Collapses down to 2ft
    • Wide stance option for windy days
    • SOLOSHOT comes attached but can be removed with special tools if you want to use your own tripod. Please note SOLOSHOT works best with the tripod provided or a similarly sturdy professional tripod with no other pan/tilt head attached. We suggest using SOLOSHOT with the tripod provided.



    • Fits US outlets
    • Works with international outlets up to 240V with standard adaptor (adaptor not included)
    • 9V 1.5A


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    At J-Bay for the Billabong 6* event in July, catching some Supers footage:

    "The lineup was full with some CT surfers out there and most of the top WQS campaigners as well. SOLOSHOT brought about a lot of attention as most of the guys were asking about the contraption on my arm, which I then told them about and they were blown away. Stoked we got to try it out. Great product and am certain it'll do exceptionally well."

    Shane T.



    I got my SOLOSHOT right on time and used it right away. It performed flawlessly and tracked me virtually centered in the video-frame during a long surf session. The blinking green light feedback from the base was always visible and reassuring that things were working well. We passed the sensor around to other surfers and everyone got in on the fun! What a great product. You should expect a lot more orders when people see how great SOLOSHOTs are!
    Thanks again.

    John R



    "I am a soccer mom, except in a different sport, my daughter is a competitive kiteboarder. I don't think there are kitesurfing mom's yet. I am ALWAYS behind the camera and miss everything because I am watching her through a viewfinder. But I don't trust anyone else to capture every wave and every trick, ha even my husband. Then I found SoloShot. SoloShot is a mother's dream. I can watch her, SoloShot will film her. Thank you SOLOSHOT!" - Dixie

    Dixie Buckley (mother of Professional Kiteboarder and Actress, Maika Monroe)



    "As a surfer, SoloShot was a dream come true. Everyone wants great footage to remember their best surf trips, but no one wants to be the guy holding the camera on the beach for three hours. On our latest trip, we'd set up SoloShot in the morning, then paddle in to find amazing footage waiting for us on the beach. It was by far the best surf footage we'd ever shot, and no one had to skip a session. As a television producer, I'm even more blown away by SoloShot. Nothing about the footage feels automated or robotic -- the camera movement is just as fluid and smooth as any camera operator with the best equipment could shoot. It holds a steady, focused shot and, unlike a live camera operator, it never takes a break. In the past, we'd have to scour one another's cameras to find the one or two good waves we hopefully captured. Now, every single wave can be captured in high definition available as soon as you end your session." - Bill Langworthy

    Bill Langworthy (Producer of MTV's the Hills and other programs)



    "The first time I saw SOLOSHOT working I immediately thought, "Now everyone can get every angle themselves..." Now with the ability to have your camera follow you from a beach position, along with the different up close and POV angles GoPro can get, a surfer can make his own surf film, documenting every angle of his ride, without any outside assistance." - Chris Mumford

    Chris Mumford (Professional Videographer, Los Angeles)