Optic25 (Refurbished) Camera

$ 799.00

(Our refurbished units come with the same 12-month warranty as our new units)

The SOLOSHOT3 with Optic25 Camera is a robotic filming system that acts as your personal cameraman. Capture the action up to 2,000-ft. away with 25X optical zoom in up to 1080p60 video.

25X optical zoom: ideal for filming activities up to 600-ft. away. That’s about 2 soccer fields!

Included in the box: SOLOSHOT3 Base, Tag with armband, Optic25 Camera, mini USB charging cable, tripod tool and adapter screw, and getting started guide.

MicroSD card sold separately.


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Go Live!

Live Streams Worth Watching

Live stream to the SOLOSHOTapp or Facebook. Invite friends and fans to tune into the action and explore other SOLOSHOT live feeds of captivating footage from people around the world.

25x Optical Zoom

Compact Power

The compact and lightweight Optic25 Camera features a robust 25x optical zoom, allowing you to capture great detail and crystal-clear footage up to 600 ft. away.

Up to 1080p60 Video

Got You Covered

Capture detailed video, perfect for easily sharing with family and friends. Featuring video resolution up to 1080p60, this camera will quickly become your favorite travel companion.


Share the Spotlight

With the ability to track multiple Tags from one Base, the sky's the limit. Invite friends and family to join the action or get footage of the entire team. You can choose from three different options: track the fastest moving subject, track the closest Tag to the Base, or manually choose who becomes the center of attention with a simple button press from the Tag.

Key Features

Camera Comparison

    • Optic65 Camera

    • Optic25 Camera

  • Optical Zoom

    • Up to 65X

    • Up to 25X

  • Video

    • 4k @ 30fps

      1080p @ 30, 60, 120 fps

      720p @ 240fps (future software update)

    • 1080p @ 30, 60 fps

      720p @ 120 fps

  • Usage

    • Performing activities further than 600 ft. from the Base.

      Record in 4K.

      Utilize the 120 frames per second for slo-mos.

    • Performing activities within a 600 ft. range from the Base.

      More concerned with file size than having resolution higher than HD (1080p).

By the Numbers

Optic25 Camera

  • In The Box

    • SOLOSHOT3 Base
      Tag + Armband
      Optic25 Camera
      Mini USB Charging Cable
      Tripod Tool
      Tripod Adapter Screw
      Getting Started Guide
  • Size + Weight

    • Dimensions


      2.7 L x 3.5 H x 2.6 W


      67.6 L x 88.8 H x 65.5 W






  • Video Capture

    • Resolution

      1080p @ 30, 60 fps

      720p @ 120 fps

      Video Compression


      Video File Container


  • Connectivity

    • MicroSD

      Hot Shoe Accessory Port

      3.5 mm Audio Jack

  • Still Capture

    • Resolution


      Image Size

      4000H x 3000V

      File Format


      Burst Rate

      3 fps (up to 10 seconds)

      5 fps (up to 6 seconds)

      10 fps (up to 3 seconds)

      Time Lapse Intervals

      1 - 60 seconds

      Exposure Mode

      Automatic (AE)

  • Lens

    • Optical Zoom


      Lens Elements

      12 elements, 11 groups

      Image Stabilization


      Effective Focal Length (EFL)

      4.3 - 107.5mm

      Focal Length, 35mm Format

      24 - 600mm

      Focus Distance

      0.1m to ∞ (continuous, wide)

      6.0m to ∞ (continuous, tele)

      Horizontal Field of View (HFOV)

      72.6° (wide)

      3.4° (telephoto)

      Compatible Filters


  • Audio

    • Audio AAC Compression

      48KHz (128Kbit/s)

      Internal Mic

      Mono, Digital

      External Mic

      Analog, Stereo (3.5mm plug)

      Remote Wireless Mic

      Supported (sold seperately)

  • Image Sensor

    • Type

      CMOS BSI



  • Storage

    • Media



      UHS-I Class 3 (U3) required


      up to 128GB

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BLACK FRIDAY SALE: 10% OFF ALL Carts + Free Tripod Lite with any SOLOSHOT
BLACK FRIDAY SALE: 10% OFF ALL Carts + Free Tripod Lite with any SOLOSHOT
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