Your Personal Robot Cameraman

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No Cameraman?
No Problem.
SOLOSHOT3 automatically pans, tilts, and zooms
as it tracks and films the subject from up to 2,000 ft.
for up to 4 hours.
Film yourself from a
new perspective.
The SOLOSHOT3 perspective is the one most used by professionals and most engaging to watch. It's also the hardest for amateurs and weekend warriors to capture without the help of a dedicated cameraman. Not anymore!
  • HD Everything

    Record in (up to) 4K30 and why not snap-off a few 12MP stills for the fridge while you're at it.
  • Super Zoom

    With (up to) 65X optical zoom, capturing the action from (up to) 2,000-ft. is no problem.
Wear. Track. Capture.
You wear the Tag. The Base automatically tracks you. The OpticX Camera captures the moment.
Enjoy the moment.
Parents, put down the camera and enjoy the game. Coaches and players can now capture, breakdown and share practice and game footage easily. It's a win-win-win.
Live stream
Invite friends, family and fans to download the SOLOSHOTapp so they can join the fun–in real time–from anywhere in the world. No SOLOSHOT3 required!

Explore videos from around the globe, follow interesting people and share in their incredible adventures.
Get the App
and share later.

SOLOSHOT's growing suite of editing tools take the pain out of finding and sharing your best highlights. Video must be filmed with a SOLOSHOT3.
  • Track Multiple Tags

    Follow the fastest. Follow the closest to the Base. Grab the spotlight with a button-press from the Tag or try our new Group Mode and film the whole squad.
  • Motion Time-Lapse

    The days are getting longer and Mother Nature's calling your name. Get out there and capture the beauty with a MTL (also known as Instagram gold).
  • Touchscreen Controls

    We built a powerful touchscreen interface right into your SOLOSHOT3, so every action is at your fingertips. Don't worry, we won't tell your phone.
  • Remote Control

    Take control from your mobile device.


Get the most out of
every session.
Whatever your passion may be, SOLOSHOT3 makes it easy to capture, edit and share content. So, get in the water, lace up your cleats or hop in the saddle. SOLOSHOT3's got you covered.
It keeps getting better.
Our software team is constantly innovating and delivering valuable new features and improvements to our customers through regular software updates.

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