Create Professional Content With Ease

Camera Adapter

Turn any camera into a cameraman.

Give your production output a boost with SOLOSHOT3pro, the latest tool that fits seamlessly into your professional filming arsenal. Pan, tilt, and automatic zoom make this robust model the most versatile assistant you’ve ever had.

Accepts all cameras with standard 1/4" tripod mount

10-LB Weight Limit

Up to 4-Hour Battery Life

Up to 2,000 Foot Range

Camera Adapter

Camera Adapter

The Camera Adapter allows you to control zoom, recording, photo bursts, motion time-lapse and astro tracking using your favorite DSLR or prosumer camera.

Camera Compatible

Compatible with SOLOSHOT
custom cameras

Capture professional video and images with a large diameter glass telescoping lens and a 1/2.3” image sensor. Shoot up to 4K30, 1080p120 video and 12MP photo bursts at 30 frames per second.

Optical zoom up to 65X coupled with advanced Image Stabilization (IS) allow for smooth, crystal clear resolution, even while the camera and subject are in motion.

1/2.3" image sensor.
Built-in mono mic and 3.5mm input jack for external and wireless mics.
Camera Compatible

Touchscreen Control

A built-in 3.5” high-resolution color touch display comes standard with the SOLOSHOT3pro. Preview photos and videos, reframe your shot, and adjust camera settings on the fly.

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Live Streaming

No audience? No problem.

Live stream to the SOLOSHOT network or Facebook. Invite friends and fans to tune into the action or explore other SOLOSHOT live feeds to discover amazing places and fascinating people.

*Coming Soon

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The SOLOSHOTapp will enable these great features

Make the most of every moment. Coming soon!

Remote Control

Manually control pan, tilt, zoom, record and shutter commands from your phone or tablet.

Director + Coach Mode

Film multiple people from multiple angles and manage it all from your phone or tablet.

Time Lapse + Astro Photography

Create motion time lapse videos and take photos of the night sky at the tap of a finger.

Camera powerful

Powerful, yet quiet

Specialized all-new motors and gears provide soundless high-torque to keep your camera on target, while ensuring every moment is smooth, from the smallest, incremental motion time-lapse movement to maximum 120-degree sweeping motions - backlash free.

Camera tag


The Tag is shock-resistant and waterproof (up to 30 ft.). Although rugged and durable, the Tag boasts a sleek, low-profile design. It’s also small and light in size, making it difficult to see on camera and unobtrusive to the wearer.

Remote Control

At the touch of a finger you can instantly toggle between manual control and automatic tracking using the SOLOSHOTapp. In addition, a viewfinder preview of the Camera that you’re currently controlling is displayed on your device.

Camera Adapter
Tech Specs

40% smaller and 30% lighter than its predecessor, our new Tag is still waterproof up to 30 ft. and shock-resistant.

With a new, crystal clear OLED display, it's even easier to control. Built-in WiFi lets you connect to your mobile device for long distance remote control.

OLED Display
Our smallest Tag yet is also the easiest to read, now with OLED Display. Similar to your TV screen or computer monitor, we designed the new Tag so you can clearly see when SOLOSHOT3 is recording, tracking or changing settings.
Smaller & Lighter
Weighing in at 1.4 oz and measuring just 41.6 x 21.8 x 41.6mm, the SOLOSHOT3 Tag is more wearable than ever before. The new Tag promises not to distract you or slow you down. No risk of bulky equipment adorning your arm or waist, in fact, you may not even notice it when it's on!
Waterproof & Shock Resistant
Our new and improved Tag is still built to withstand waves, waterfalls and splashes, up to 30 ft., not to mention it can take a bit of a beating! Shock resistant - don't be afraid to take it with you on your wildest adventures.
Long Distance Range
The Tag is trackable from up to 2,000 feet away. That means you can capture video with your Tag standing as far away as nearly 5 football fields - so go long!
1.4 oz
41.6 L x 21.8 H x 41.6 W (mm)
Battery Type
550 mAh Li-Po
Battery Life
3.5 hrs (outdoors)
4.5 hrs (indoors)
Device Connectivity
Compatible with Front Accessory Port on all SOLOSHOT3 Tag units. Stand alone charging accessories coming soon.
SS Link
2.4 GHz
802.11 b/g/n
Supported Features
Range (SS Link)
2,000 ft
Range (Wi-Fi)
30 ft
30 ft

We combined a 65x optical zoom lens with 4K resolution to give you the most powerful consumer camera on the market. Oh, and it operates itself too.

Clip the Optic65 into SOLOSHOT3 or 3pro Bases for auto zoom and focus tracking, film at resolutions up to 4K30 and 1080p120, or capture 12MP photo bursts. A large diameter glass telescoping lens and a 1/2.3" sensor produce professional quality video and images. Audio support includes built-in mono mic and 3.5 mm input jack for external and wireless mics.

*MicroSD card not included.

65x Optical Zoom
Make the impossible, possible, with our biggest, baddest optical zoom lens yet. With an impressive 65x zoom range you can capture the finest details and get crystal clear footage from unheard of distances.
High Image Quality
What do you get when you combine a 65x optical zoom lens with 1080p120 and 4k30 resolution? The world's most powerful consumer camera, the Optic65. Sit back, relax, and let this automatic zoom, focus, and tracking-enabled camera make you look good, like Hollywood cinematographer good.
Specialty Modes
Add some variety to your arsenal of filming techniques with the Optic65 Camera's specialty modes. Capture stunning 12MP photo bursts, Motion Time Lapse photo sequences or even capture incredibly clear video of shooting stars with 4K30 and 1080p120 resolution.
Easy Click & Go
The Optic65 Camera is designed specifically for the SOLOSHOT3 and 3pro Bases for seamless compatibility and the easiest, breeziest setup yet. Simply clip into the Base and you're ready to go!
Battery + Charging
Powered by SOLOSHOT3 Base
373 grams
110.2 L x 92.9 H x 72.9 W (mm)
SS 'Hot Shoe' accessory port
SS Camera Adapter Interface
Optical Zoom
Lens Elements
18 elements, 14 groups
Image Stabilization
Focal Length, Effective (EFL)
4.3 - 279.5mm
Focal Length, 35mm Format
24 - 1560mm
Focus Distance
0.3m to ∞ (continuous, wide)
6.0m to ∞ (continuous, tele)
IHorizonal Field of View (HFOV)
72.6° (wide)
1.3° (telephoto)
Compatible Filters
52 mm
Image Sensor
Video Capture
4k @ 30fps
2.7k @ 30 fps
1080p @ 30, 60, 120 fps
720p @ 240 fps (future firmware update)
Video Compression
Video File Container
Still Capture
Image Size
4000H x 3000V
File Format
Burst Rate
3 fps (up to 10 seconds)
5 fps (up to 6 seconds)
10 fps (up to 3 seconds)
30p video (indefinitely depending on SD card capacity)
Time Lapse Intervals
1 - 60 seconds
Exposure Mode
Automatic (AE)
Audio Compression
AAC 48KHz (128Kbit/s)
Internal Mic
Mono, Digital
External Mic
Analog, Stereo (3.5mm plug)
Remote Wireless Mic
Supported (purchased separately)
UHS-I Class 3 (U3) required
Up to 128GB

Combines our latest technological breakthroughs with the power to handle large 3rd party cameras (up to 10 lbs) like DSLRs and prosumer camcorders.

Simply connect the Camera Adapter Accessory, attach your supported camera and use the touch screen to identify make and model. It also has the same click and go compatibility with the OpticX lineup - no accessory needed.

Power On & Go
Our new SOLOSHOT3 Bases have never been easier to use. Simply power on, connect the Camera Adapter Accessory, attach your supported camera and identify make and model on the sleek touch screen, or easily click in your OpticX camera. The SOLOSHOT3pro Base automatically calibrates and pairs with the tracking device (Tag). Done!
Touchscreen Control
Your SOLOSHOT3pro Base has a sleek, built-in touch screen that provides both the intuitive experience and on-the-go connectivity of a smartphone. With the touch of a finger, effortlessly swipe to switch modes, applications and settings - even preview, edit, and share your high-def photos and videos from the display screen, anytime you're connected to WiFi.
Move Camera Anytime
Need to change locations? Switch sides of the field? Get the sun out of your eyes? No need to power down and start over. You can move the SOLOSHOT3 Base any time, and after an automatic recalibration that only takes a few seconds, the Base will resume tracking the Tag.
Designed for OpticX Cameras
We created the SOLOSHOT3pro Base to work directly with our new line of OpticX Cameras for optimal compatibility and a seamless user experience. You can also use a supported 3rd party camera with the Camera Adapter Accessory. Enjoy new auto-zoom technology when paired with OpticX Cameras and supported 3rd party cameras up to 10 lbs!
Simplified Editing & Sharing
Edit and share your greatest moments with friends and family faster than ever before. The SOLOSHOT3 Base comes equipped with SOLOSHOTedit, the smart software that identifies footage highlights and pushes everything to the SOLOSHOTcloud. Watch, edit and share clips instantly from the Base's touch screen display, or later from any device connected to WiFi.
Battery Type
3.5 hours (*typical use)
K-Lock Compatible
Pan Range
360° (continuous)
Pan Speed
120 °/sec (max)
Tilt Speed
60 °/sec (max)
Tilt Range
140 ° (-50 +90)
Camera Compatibility
Camera Weight
10 lbs
OpticX Cameras
3rd Party
Yes (w/Camera Adapter)
Automatic Zoom Support
OpticX cameras: Yes
3rd Party Cameras: Yes (w/Camera Adapter)
Device Connectivity
Expansion Ports
Front Accessory Port
SS Camera Adapter Interface
Connectivity / Charging
mini-USB OTG
SS Link
2.4 GHz
Yes (802.11 b/g/n)
Supported Features
Setup Time
Ready in seconds
Mobile/Moving pro-base
Indoor Tracking Accessory
Live Streaming
Built-In Auto Editing + Cloud Sync
External Auto Editing Software
Touchscreen Control
Astro Tracking
Mobile Connectivity***
Mobile/Tablet Remote Control***
Multi Mode (Track Multiple Tags)
Remote Record, Photo Control
App Connectivity

* Typical use case implies 1080p @ 60 fps recording, streaming is not enabled and touch screen is turned off

**Night mode extended exposure required by astro photography will be available as a scheduled firmware upgrade after product launch

***Requires App and 3rd party mobile device

Camer Adapter

The SOLOSHOT3 Camera Adapter allows you to control zoom, start and stop recording, photo bursts, Motion Time Lapse and astro tracking using your very own 3rd party camera (see supported camera list). Before mounting your camera, click in the Camera Adapter atop your Base, then mount your camera on top of the stack. Easy as 1-2-3.

Auto Film
Auto Edit
Easy Share
Live Stream
Frequently Asked Questions
What is SOLOSHOTedit?

Our engineers have come up with some crazy algorithms for various activities, to automatically detect the best clips from your recorded session, so you don't have to!

If you don't like a highlight that it pulls, simply say 'no' when reviewing the clips, and it will take that out of your highlight reel.

SOLOSHOTedit is already pretty awesome but will get smarter and smarter as more people use it and interact with their highlights. It adapts to your style!

Can I turn off the auto­matic editing feature on SOLOSHOT3?

Absolutely! The auto­matic editing highlight feature is completely optional. If you prefer to manually edit and find highlights in your footage, then by all means please do. If going through hours of footage doesn't sound like your idea of a good time, flip the auto edit option on, and you're all set.

Can I adjust the highlights?

Yes! You have full control over what ends up as a highlight in the final reel. Our SOLOSHOTedit family of desktop, mobile and web based highlight management tools allow you to easily adjust the start and end of each highlight, or delete it completely.

SOLOSHOTedit will adapt to your style as you interact with your highlights more and more.

Does SOLOSHOTedit automatically add music?

Not yet but we are working on it! As with previous generations, we will release free updates to our product firmware and software tools as we continue to improve how SOLOSHOT automates, simplifies & democratizes the production, distribution & discovery of high quality user generated video.

Does SOLOSHOTedit work with SOLOSHOT2?

We built a special desktop version of SOLOSHOTedit just for our SOLOSHOT2 customers. We will release this desktop tool in the coming weeks and can't wait for you feedback! Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to get the download link!

Frequently Asked Questions
How does SOLOSHOT3 know who to film?

A one-time process pairs your Base & Tag together. Use the touchscreen or your mobile device to add more Tags, remove Tags and manage how Tags are tracked by your Base.

How fast can SOLOSHOT3 track?

Fast! The Base pans up to 80 deg/sec continuously in both directions. The Base can tilt 120 degrees at 40 deg/sec.

What happens if multiple people use their SOLOSHOT in the same location?

Each Base & Tag has a unique ID so the pairing process ensures multiple systems won't get confused.

What are the dimensions of the Tag?

Here at SOLOSHOT, we know size matters and our 3rd generation Tag is not very big at all. Our SOLOSHOT3 Tag weighs 1.4 oz. and measures 42 L x 42 W x 15 H (mm). It is 40% smaller and lighter than the Tag for SOLOSHOT2.

Can the SOLOSHOT3 Base be mounted on a boat, car or drone?

Your Base may be mounted on a boat or car, but not to a drone. However, our customers like to mount the Tag to their RC plane or drone so they can capture high quality stable footage of their acrobatic flights.

How does SOLOSHOT differ from a Drone?

Drones capture amazing aerial video but have very limited battery life, may disturb those around you and face increasing bans on use in public spaces. SOLOSHOT quietly films the action from a distance for multiple hours without disturbing bystanders or the moment itself. Tip - put your SOLOSHOT in the stands, on a cliff or atop a high tripod to get hours of stable video from an aerial perspective.

What is the tracking range of SOLOSHOT3?

SOLOSHOT3 can track the Tag up to 2,000 feet with no additional accessories outdoors. Stay tuned for range booster accessories after product launch! In addition, SOLOSHOT3 can track the Tag up to 100 feet using the Indoor Accessory and one of our OpticX cameras.

Does SOLOSHOT3 have a setup process?

It only takes a minute to setup. Just power on the Base & Tag and go! Your Base will automatically perform a short self-calibration routine and start tracking. Once tracking, you are free to move the Base at any time. SOLOSHOT3 even tracks while moving.

Is SOLOSHOT3 waterproof?

SOLOSHOT3 Tag is both waterproof (Up to 30ft) and shock resistant.

SOLOSHOT3 Base is NOT waterproof or shock resistant but rugged enough for outdoor use. Please take steps to protect your Base from the elements. Check out our rain covers for the Base at our online store!

Can SOLOSHOT3 be moved while filming?

Yes! That is one of our favorite new features about SOLOSHOT3! Move your Base from location to location whenever you want to try a new vantage point.

In fact, SOLOSHOT3 will continue to track and record the subject while in motion, if you'd like! How cool is that? No more re-calibration with every movement of the Base - ensuring you get the best clips, and saving you tons of time so you can stay in the moment.

We will be releasing motion accessories such as golf cart, boat and car mounts in the coming months!

How does SOLOSHOT3 differ from Action Cameras?

Action cameras turn the subject into the cameraman. SOLOSHOT turns the cameraman into a robot. Our customers love to use SOLOSHOT and Action Cams together to capture the action from two very different perspectives - Action Cams to show the subject's point-of-view and SOLOSHOT to show the spectator's point-of-view. The SOLOSHOT perspective is also great for training because it captures stable perspective footage preferred by coaches, judges and recruiters.

What kind of tripod do I need?

The SOLOSHOT3 Base connects to standard 3/8 inch tripod mounts and accept standard 1/4 inch adapters. Browse our tripod accessories at checkout and stay tuned for additional Base and Tag mounts launching soon.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does SOLOSHOT3 send the live stream?

When you are connected to the Internet via Wi­Fi, SOLOSHOT3 is designed to stream your live feed via RTSP up to your personal SOLOSHOTcloud, where it will be available on the Web and on mobile devices via our SOLOSHOTapp.

In the field, you can use your phone’s hotspot functionality or a MiFi hotspot to provide connectivity to the Internet.

Our OpticX cameras can only stream locally to the SOLOSHOTcloud for now, but keep an eye out for upcoming streaming services that will be offered after product launch.

Do I have control over who can see my live stream account?

Absolutely! We understand that your privacy is important, so you have the option of setting your SOLOSHOT account as public or private to protect your live feeds from any unwanted viewers.

Is there a real­time delay with SOLOSHOT3 live streaming?

Yes there is. The delay can range from 3 to 30 seconds. The delay depends on many factors including: internet connectivity speeds, bit rates, and the amount of buffering that your local video player adds.

Can I live stream to third party servers, software, or CDN's?

At launch SOLOSHOT3 will only live stream to your SOLOSHOTcloud, and the stream can only be viewed on SOLOSHOTapp. We will be releasing more live streaming options after product launch, so please check back then for the latest live streaming developments!

Where does my SOLOSHOT3 live feed stream to?

We have some really neat developments for SOLOSHOT3. One of the coolest features that we are most excited about is Live Streaming.

Initially, your live stream will save to your SOLOSHOTcloud account. From there, you can broadcast the live feed to your followers via the SOLOSHOTapp.

Just invite your friends and family to log onto your SOLOSHOT channel so they can be in the moment alongside you - even if they're miles away. Once the live broadcast is over, your auto-detected highlights and marked highlights will remain on the cloud.

What is the resolution and bitrate of the live stream?

SOLOSHOT3 offers: (1) 720p resolution for your live streaming feeds; (2) variable bit rate when uploading based upon bandwidth available. Multiple bit rates will be available from within the SOLOSHOTapp and the player will adapt to available bandwidth as you watch the stream.

Can I record to a microSD card and broadcast the live stream at the same time?

Yes! When using our OpticX cameras, the video is both live streamed and recorded locally to a microSD card on the camera. When using the Optic65, you can record 4k30 and stream 720p!

Can I use SOLOSHOT3 in conjunction with a live stream encoder such as Teradek VidiU?

SOLOSHOT3 does not need a live stream encoder such as Teradek VidiU to stream to your SOLOSHOTcloud.

If you already have a Teradek and your own camera system, and are wanting to use the Base to automatically track the Tag, make sure that you get the SOLOSHOT3pro+Camera Adapter to be able to handle the weight of your system (not to exceed 10 lbs).

Indoor Accessory

The Indoor Accessory enables SOLOSHOT to track like never before - now indoors!

Attach the Indoor Accessory, and your SOLOSHOT3 Base will track up to 100 ft. away - no line of sight required. That means your Tag can duck behind physical objects, and SOLOSHOT3 will keep on tracking.

*Only Compatible with OpticX Cameras.

Weather Protector

This video camera raincover is made of waterproof RipStop with crystal clear TPU panels for easy camera control viewing.

There's no need to stop shooting in harsh weather conditions, the cover is specially designed to snap on and protect the SOLOSHOT3 and 3pro base with OpticX cameras. It is not compatible with other cameras. 

Waistband Mount

The SOLOSHOT Waistband gives you another way to mount your SOLOSHOT3 Tag and was designed to be comfortable yet durable in harsh environments.

  • 38mm width by 1m length (1.5in x 3.28ft)
  • Comfortable, lightweight nylon and velcro

Indoor Accessory Compatibility

The Indoor Accessory and 60 second set-up compatibility for 3rd party cameras require your camera to have HDMI out while recording.

To test your camera for this requirement:

Connect it via HDMI cable to a TV or monitor and hit the record button.
If it continues to send the video signal to the TV or monitor while it is recording, then your camera is compatible with the Indoor Accessory and 60 second set-up
If not, then your camera is not compatible with the Indoor Accessory but can still be used for outdoor tracking. Camera setup is quick and easy, but requires one additional button press.

Please check out our 3rd party camera feature compatibility chart to see if SOLOSHOT3pro can auto zoom your camera, remotely control the recording from the Tag, or fire photo bursts from the Tag.

All 3rd party cameras less than 10 lbs. are compatible with SOLOSHOT3pro to pan and tilt in an outdoor setting only.  

Tripod Pro
Tripod Lite
Tech Specs
Tripod Pro

The Manfrotto 055 is the most popular and unrivaled pro tripods on the market. Its balance of size, weight and stability makes it ideal for use both in the studio and out on location. Its range of available tripod and kit configurations, in both aluminum and carbon fibre, make it extremely versatile.

Always get the right angle.
The 90° center column mechanism allows the column to be extended vertically as normal, or horizontally to open up a wide range of framing and shooting possibilities; this makes the 055XPRO3 an extremely versatile tripod, suitable for a wide range of photography and video applications.
Height Adjustment
The horizontal column mechanism is housed within the tripod's top casting for compactness, but it is easily and quickly extended whenever you need it. Switching between vertical and horizontal column orientation requires no disassembly, and can even be done with a camera attached.
88.18 oz
Min Height
3.54 in
Max Height
66.93 in
Closed Length
24.02 in
Tripod Specifications
Leg Angles
25º, 46º, 66º, 88º
Leg Section
Safety Payload
19.84 lbs
Top Attachment
3/8” screw
Center Column
Legs Tube Diameter
30 - 26 - 22.5

The Tripod Pro is made in Italy by Manfrotto

Tripod Lite

The SOLOSHOT Tripod is a professional grade aluminum tripod and is recommended in order to provide the proper mounting and stabilization requirements for SOLOSHOT3 Base units. This will ensure your OpticX camera will pan and till smoothly without any shaking. It also comes with an attachment for sandbags/weights for added stability in high winds or uneven terrain.

Supported Features
Mounting Screw
3/8 inch
Attachment Capabilities
Sandbags/weights for added stability in high winds or uneven terrain
Adjustable legs
Wide stance option for added stability
Fully extended length
5 ft
Collapsed length
2 ft 3 in

Director + Coach Mode

Just like previous generations, SOLOSHOT3 can be used to film multiple people from multiple angles. Your Base will automatically switch to film whoever is closest, fastest or pressed their Tag’s button - it’s your choice!

Use the Director/Coach view on the app to take your filming session to the next level. It’s like having your very own mobile production studio at your fingertips, literally.

Thank you!

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