SOLOSHOT3 Manufacturing Update

We are excited to share this video with you showing the results of the last many months of hard work on the SOLOSHOT3 manufacturing line.
05 Final Seq 4 v5
We have now built several hundred SOLOSHOT3 Bases with the improved printed circuit boards (PCBAs) while also maintaining our laser focus on supplier quality, assembly process improvements, and in-line and end-of-line quality testing. We will continue to aggressively monitor quality as volume ramps, but remain confident that, once unleashed, the SOLOSHOT3 and OpticX Camera manufacturing lines will be capable of rapidly mass producing the Base, Tag and OpticX Camera pre-order bundles. 
Shipping Update
We have made a significant amount of progress moving the SOLOSHOT3 Base, Tag and OpticX Cameras to mass production. Bundles are expected to begin shipping from our manufacturing partner to our US distribution center in March. The key limiting factor to shipping at this point remains certification. We look forward to providing more shipping details in next month’s update. 
What we are working on this month...
  • Improving Quality with End-of-Line yield tests (EOL)
    • Each bundle currently undergoes over 30 tests at the end of the production line and we will be adding even more system checks this month to ensure quality is maintained as volumes continue to ramp.
    • Design, supplier quality, process, fixture as well as incoming test and in-line test improvements implemented over the past two months have dramatically increased the Base EOL “first-pass” yield rate to 86% at the end of January!
    • The remaining 14% of Bases that are flagged for at least one issue during our aggressive EOL tests allow us to further improve quality assurance going into mass production.
    • We plan to build 1,000 production verification units in February with a target >95% first pass yield. Quality data from this build will be one of the final gates before moving to mass production in March.
  • Software UI/UX integration
    • The software team continues to work closely with the hardware team to bring an intuitive user experience to SOLOSHOT3.
    • Software updates after initial shipping will help keep your SOLOSHOT3 running smoothly, while unlocking additional features such as astro-tracking, Remote Control/Director Mode and even the ability to fine-tune image quality on the OpticX Cameras.
  • In-the-wild testing
    • Now that pre-production volumes are ramping, we are excited to take more units into additional real world scenarios so the software and IQ teams can continue to put your robot cameraman through its paces.
    • Our next update will feature some of this in-the-wild video content as well as critical pieces of software nearing completion. 

Thank you again for your patience and support! Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at 866-347-0869 with any questions, concerns or words of encouragement, M-F from 9 am to 6 pm CT, or simply reply to this email. We’re always happy to hear from you and to help in any way we can!

Everyone at Team SOLOSHOT

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