Upgraded features: HDMI, 3.5mm mic jack, and more

We’ve made a ton of progress since last month, and we’re stoked to share these latest updates with you:
A Familiar User Interface Meets a Powerful New Piece of Hardware
Watch your SOLOSHOT3 Base come to life, easily connect to the internet and phone home to your SOLOSHOTcloud account!
Click the image to watch the video:

In designing SOLOSHOT3, we wanted to do more than just build the next iteration of SOLOSHOT. We wanted to deliver powerful yet flexible hardware with an architecture that would add functionality and improve usability long after shipping to customers.
One area that highlights this commitment is the user interface where we made the leap from the static buttons and LED’s of SOLOSHOT2, to the full blown smartphone-like touchscreen of SOLOSHOT3, complete with cloud connectivity. The resulting out-of-the-box experience is simple and intuitive.  SOLOSHOT3 is also fully upgradable and adaptable over time - much like adding apps to your smartphone!
As we count down to shipping, we will be releasing more videos that highlight the hardware and software features that we firmly believe make SOLOSHOT3 well worth the wait! Speaking of waiting…

The Wait is Almost Over! Shipping Updates:

We are currently assembling and testing our first large batch of SOLOSHOT3 units. High volume production units are expected to begin shipping in the second half of October, with the majority of pre-orders shipping in November as we cautiously ramp up mass production. Pre-orders will ship in the order that they were placed.
We recognize and sincerely apologize for being significantly later than originally planned, but we are more confident than ever that the massive engineering effort, attention to detail and cautious production ramp-up schedule will absolutely make SOLOSHOT3 the best robot cameraman yet!  
When we began designing SOLOSHOT3 in early 2015, we truly thought we had budgeted for the types of delays we experienced bringing our first two generations to life, but, in hindsight it is absolutely clear we underestimated the difficulties of developing on cutting-edge chips and, for the first time in our history, partnering with high volume consumer electronics manufacturers instead of doing all the production ourselves. The process has been both humbling and inspiring, and we hope our dedication and commitment to function, form and quality comes through loud and clear when you begin using your SOLOSHOT3.
We are sorry for the many inconveniences and lost opportunities this delay may have caused. We hope you find comfort in knowing that we continue to work our engineering butts off to ship a world-class product to you soon, and that we will continue to work our butts off long after we ship to bring new software, firmware and app functionality to your SOLOSHOT3!
We Listened! Upgraded Features
Thank you to everyone who has been sharing feedback, concerns and suggestions with our tireless Customer Service team! We take every bit of it into consideration when making product decisions. Thanks to you, everyone’s SOLOSHOT3 hardware will now include the following upgrades at shipping:

  • HDMI out has been added! Direct your video feed to a monitor or switcher! We will keep you updated on launch video resolutions and post-shipping expanded resolutions.
OpticX Cameras:
  • Mic Jack upgraded from 2.5mm to 3.5mm in order to accommodate more standard mics. No more jack adapter is needed for 3.5mm mics!
As always, feel free to reach out to us directly via email or phone with any questions or concerns. The entire SOLOSHOT team cannot wait to get SOLOSHOT3 into your hands and see your creativity in action. The excitement of product launch and your support is what drives us day in and day out.
Thank you again for your continued patience and stoke. We wouldn’t be here without you!

Thank you!

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