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October was a momentous month for us here at SOLOSHOT as we began shipping SOLOSHOT3 bundles to pre-order customers! The team worked around the clock to squash early bugs and improve our internal processes so that we could confidently ramp the number of units shipped in the coming month. We are now happy to report that we are currently on pace to ship the entire pre-order by the Thanksgiving holiday!

The surf was pumping here in SoCal last week which provided a great backdrop for taking the latest software for a spin. Filmed across two sessions with a SOLOSHOT3 + Optic65 shooting in both medium and tight zoom settings at 1080p30fps.

SOLOSHOT3 | October Surf Sessions
Address Confirmations
Since we are accelerating the shipping schedule, we are changing the address confirmation process. SOLOSHOT3 pre-order customers should receive a shipping address confirmation email by the end of next week, if you haven’t received one already. Please review and RESPOND either confirming the ship-to address on file or requesting a change through the response form provided in the confirmation email.
Software Updates

We want to thank everyone who received their units for jumping right in and putting SOLOSHOT3 through its paces. It’s been super helpful to have so much feedback and bug reports flowing in. The software teams are on top of it, having already sent out three updates with a fourth on the way. We expect this pace to continue over the next few weeks as volumes ramp, more use cases get stress-tested, and we continue to unlock more features.

The upcoming improvements in the next software update will include:

  1. Flight Tracking Mode –
    • Improved camera focus stability after zooming.
    • Correcting a tilt bug that was triggered when tracking high-speed fixed wing aircraft.
  2. Surf & Field Tracking Modes – 
    • Improved centering and how quickly the system gets a lock on the subject
    • Improving the balance between holding the subject in a tighter zoom and capturing more of the surrounding action. The current balance was allowing the system to zoom out too much in action packed scenes. 
Tracking - Key Tips & Tricks

To improve tracking accuracy, please do the following:

  1. Set-Up: 
    • Turn your Base and Tag on a few minutes early (potentially on your way to the filming location) to allow the sensors a few minutes to warm-up and improve initial accuracy. 
  2. Tracking:
    • After initial auto-calibration, you can further improve tracking accuracy by walking side-to-side in front of the camera, about 50ft away. You will see the green tracking LED get brighter as the system hones in on you. 
    • The more off-center you are to start, the more walking around may be required to help the system dial in on you. 
    • Please try to use this walkabout technique to improve centering before trying to adjust centering with the pan-tilt arrows.
    • If your sport or activity is not very dynamic and you think the camera is not directly pointing at you, you can repeat this walkabout trick at any distance to give your Base a little help to move you to the center.
    • Surfers – since you tend to immediately go far away from the base with little side to side motion unless you are catching a wave, you should walk side-to-side on the shore a few times to ensure the camera has a good lock on you. The camera will further hone in as you start to catch waves (so catch some good ones!)  
Customer Support

Our revamped Customer Support page is now live and easier than ever to find the information you are looking for! We will be posting more video tutorials in the coming weeks, and are available for any questions or concerns that you may have in the meantime. We are doing our very best to answer all inquiries as quickly as possible, but please be patient with us as we work through inquires during the shipping ramp up.

Don’t forget to check out our Updates Blog, where we post the most up-to-date information on shipping and product progress. 

Thank you so much for seeing us through to this shipping milestone. We are super excited to head into this next chapter of SOLOSHOT3 together! 



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