Watch the SOLOSHOT3 + Optic65 camera in action!

Product Update
After months of painstakingly tuning our OpticX cameras and optimizing our tracking firmware, we are excited to finally share SOLOSHOT3 camera footage with you! Please click on the image below to watch the incredibly powerful SOLOSHOT3+Optic65 in action.
When we began development of SOLOSHOT3, we knew we had to provide a truly revolutionary and easy user experience at an incredible price - and the 3rd party camcorders bundled with SOLOSHOT1 and SOLOSHOT2 were not going to cut it. Since there were no 4K video cameras with high optical zoom under $1000 USD on the market – let alone one that could automatically track you – we set out to create one…and wow, that was way harder than we thought it was going to be.

We realize how disappointing the delays have been, and we sincerely apologize for the missed opportunities that have resulted. All of your feedback, both heartwarming encouragement and completely understandable frustrations, has been what drives us to continue fighting through the development trenches to deliver you a product of incredible value. We know the product performance and quality we owe you and appreciate your patience and encouragement as our team works around the clock to deliver.
Manufacturing Update
Ask and you shall receive: here’s a sneak peek at SOLOSHOT3’s production line training.
Motor gear box assembly line
As many of you have expressed interest in the process as much as our progress, we will send a special manufacturing update in a few weeks with an in-depth look at the design decisions & hurdles that caused some of the shipping delays, how we overcame them, and what's left to do before shipping begins later this fall.
Shipping Update
Pre-production Bases
Packaging for OpticX Camera Bundle
Pre-production scaling, quality management and Beta Testing will continue for the next few weeks. Once complete, we will have a more precise shipping schedule and ramp rate for the late fall to share with you.

As much as we want to provide you with your specific ship date, we have learned painfully they are not as accurate as we hope them to be. However, you will receive a confirmation email about 1-2 weeks before your unit ships so we can confirm your shipping address. That will be the best indicator of when your unit will ship, in addition to the UPS tracking number you will receive once it leaves our fulfillment center in California.

We understand the explanation of “things are hard” is no excuse for the delays you have experienced, so we invite you to please reach out to our customer support team with any concerns about your pre-order. Our team is whole-heartedly dedicated to you, our early adopters, and we’ll be sure to do everything we can to keep you happy!

We cannot express our gratitude to you enough for hanging in there with us, and we are so excited about what’s to come once we get these bad boys in a box and to your doorstep!

Thanks a million,
Everybody at Team SOLOSHOT

Thank you!

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