In the final stretch! 2 of 3 Major Milestones Complete

We’ve been hard at work throughout the month of June to overcome the last major milestones required to get SOLSOHOT3 into your hands.  We’re excited to announce completion of two of the three remaining items today!
Before we get into the details, SOLOSHOT3 has also been training hard to deliver tracking that captures your performance on and off the field. Listening to feedback from parents, coaches and athletes alike, SOLOSHOT3 makes it easier to capture moments like these…
Schedule Updates
In May’s update, we shared the gates blocking shipping on both the hardware and software side of things, and continued to post updates throughout the month of June about the progress made in these areas on our website.  Below we’re revisiting progress on each of these areas: 

Gate 1 – Mass Production of Hardware ✅
  • We ramped-up hardware production in May and took advantage of the recent software delays to further improve and automate end-of-line testing for the hardware produced so far. 
  • This past week, our first official pallet has been shipped to California with all the final EOL testing and “First Boot” software. These units are the exact same hardware that will be sent out to all of you! A majority of this first pallet will be used for our final round of beta testing before we ship to customers to ensure that the changes implemented in recent months will make for an awesome out-of-the-box experience.
  • Going forward, we are targeting to send additional larger shipments to our warehouse every 1-2 weeks and will begin staging inventory for shipment to customers as final customer software integrations are completed.
Gate 2 – “First Boot Mode” Software ✅
  • We were originally holding back shipments to our California-based warehouse while waiting for the final software that would be loaded to the SOLOSHOT3 Base, aka “First Boot Mode”. This software walks you through initial set-up of a SOLOSHOT account, and more importantly, connects to our cloud to download the full SOLOSHOT3 software suite. This is the last time we get to have contact with your SOLOSHOT3, so we had to be sure that the cloud connection and update software was solid.
  • A particularly vexing bug was recently introduced that impacted the “Over the Air” (OTA) update and took much longer to squash than we initially thought. We are excited that it has finally been fixed and tested thoroughly, enabling us to update the hardware and ship the first pallet to California! 
Gate 3 – Customer Software Readiness 🛠

With the other 2 gates finally completed, the team has turned full attention to a few remaining items that are part of the SOLOSHOT3 software suite downloaded from the cloud to your Base during your first boot up experience. These items include:
  • User Interface Clean-up
    • Incorporate recent beta user feedback for more intuitive ease of use
    • On-screen tutorials
    • Copy sweep
    • Squashing bugs as they arise
  • Camera Software
    • Finalizing our Optical Image Stabilization software to our unique hardware and application. 
The software progress described above can be applied to SOLOSHOT3pro software as well. There will be some tweaking and debugging to account for the hardware differences, but we’ve learned a lot of hard lessons bringing the standard Base through mass production and are excited to apply that knowledge to the Pro Base.

We are currently working with our existing vendors and some new ones to source and test the beefier motors and mechanical parts required for the Pro’s more robust motor drive trains. As the standard OpticX Camera Bundles hit their stride, the operations and manufacturing teams will rejoin the design team to bring up the Pro Base production line at the same location as the SOLOSHOT3 Base, Tag, Optic65 and Optic25 product lines.
SOLOSHOT3 Updates Page
You have provided us with valuable feedback about communicating ship dates. We have listened and started posting weekly progress to our website’s Updates Page HERE instead of sharing estimated ship dates, until we know for certain.

We are excited to finally be so close to delivering your SOLOSHOT3 and are keeping our heads down with full focus on completion of Gate 3 in the coming weeks.
Customer Support
We are here to help answer your questions, listen to your concerns and respond to your critical and friendly feedback, alike. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by replying to this email, or giving us a call M-F from 8 am to 7 pm CST at 866-347-0869. Please note our offices will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day. Thank you so much for hanging in here with us!

Everybody at Team SOLOSHOT

Thank you!

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