Exciting week ahead at SOLOSHOT!

This week's update is a bit longer than usual as it’s been a super exciting week here at SOLOSHOT and we have lots to share with you!

1) Shipping: We are incredibly excited to start ramping shipment volumes this week. Our goal is to ship all remaining pre-orders by Thanksgiving, so please please please respond to your address confirmation email if a change is required so we can get your unit out the door as soon as possible!

2) SW Updates: We want to sincerely thank the first pre-order recipients for diving right in and providing such awesome feedback this week. As a result, we have pumped out 3 Software Updates and will continue to do so throughout the ramp. This weekend, the team is squashing bugs related to focus during flight mode, improving accuracy of battery level reported on the Tag’s screen and some further improvements to tracking in both surf (see video below!) and field sports. As we ramp, we will keep you informed of the latest bug fixes and new features unlocked through both a dedicated SW update notification email and right here in our Facebook updates feed.

3) Tips & Tricks: We will also be releasing tips and tricks videos here, on our website and app so please keep an eye out for those.

4) Video: The surf has been pumping here in SoCal this week, providing a great backdrop for taking the latest software for a spin. Filmed across two sessions with a SOLOSHOT3 + Optic65 shooting in both medium and tight zoom settings at 1080p30fps.

Thank you all for your patience and support that have helped us reach this milestone. Now let’s do this!

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