SOLOSHOT3 PRO Pre-Order Update

Shipping Update
Most of our time and resources have been spent getting the SOLOSHOT3 standard Base, Tag and OpticX cameras across the line. Shipping time frames for the standard Bases have been significantly delayed this past year, as many of you are aware of. Although the Pro shares the same Tag, and the Pro+65 also share the same Optic65 camera, the delay in the standard Base has caused a ripple effect on completion of the Pro Base as well.  Pro orders are now expected to ship summer of 2017. Our manufacturing partner believes we can start shipping earlier but given our past underestimations, we would like to err on the side of caution and give you, our loyal and valued early adopter, the necessary information to plan accordingly.
Product Update
The silver lining of overcoming so many challenges with the standard SOLOSHOT3 Base is that much of the electronic circuit boards and software are the same as in the Pro Base so the technical hurdles in mass production should be significantly fewer. In particular, the design of the two main circuit boards that are currently entering mass production for the standard Base are 100% identical to the Pro. Now that those have been verified, a lot of the legwork to get Pro into mass production is already done!
We now turn our attention to the major differences in the Pro Base that have dedicated teams working on them. In order of the most resource-heavy, action items left for the Pro are:
  1. Finishing the scale up the SOLOSHOT3 motors, gears and belts
    • The ultra-quiet, smooth and high resolution drive train developed for the standard SOLOSHOT3 Base is scaling up to handle the heavier and less balanced weight of DSLRs and Pro-style cameras up to 10 lbs.
  1. Larger touchscreen interface with higher resolution screen
    • This makes the Pro more suitable for live view and playback than the standard SOLOSHOT3 Base with the smaller and lower resolution touchscreen
  1. More robust form factor with precision die cast metal
    • Where the standard SOLOSHOT3 Base used injection molded plastics for its form factor, much of that is being replaced by precision die cast metal in the Pro for increased rigidity.
    • This more liberal use of metal will ensure the Pro Base is extremely sturdy and quiet.
  1. Camera Adapter for 3rd party cameras
    • This is basically a supped-up version of the SOLOSHOT2 Camera Controller, which now includes HDMI in from 3rd party cameras, and doubles as a ¼” camera mounting screw for the top of the Base.
    • Unlike the SS2 Camera Controller however, all firmware for each camera will be stored on the Base so all you have to do is select your camera make and model from the touchscreen - as opposed to downloading them from our website before.
    • Cables included: a multi cable for use with certain SONY cameras, an AV/R cable also for use with certain SONY cameras, and a 2.5 mm jack for use with certain Canon cameras and DSLR’s. We are refining the list of compatible 3rd party cameras HERE and will update it as we move forward. 
SOLOSHOT3 & SOLOSHOT3Pro share the main circuit boards as pictured above
Customer Support
We realize that this new shipping information may have a serious impact on your plans for the Pro, and sincerely apologize for the missed opportunities. That is truly the part that keeps us up at night- knowing that our earliest adopters don’t have SS3 in their hands just yet! 

We invite you to reach out to our Customer Support team who are standing by to help meet your SOLOSHOT3 needs. Give us a call at 866-347-0869, M-F from 9 am to 6 pm CST, or simply reply to this email!

Thank you!

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