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July has been a whirlwind of a month! In addition to cranking out hardware and debugging software, we’ve taken a deep-dive into the tracking algorithm to reduce latency, and improve centering on smaller, nimbler subjects. That’s why we’re pumped to share this footage of a small (but mighty!) RC truck performing rapid direction changes while the field of view is set to ‘extra tight’.

In the video below, the RC truck goes up to 20 mph, getting as close as 16 feet to the Base, resulting in pan speeds a little over 100 degrees per second. SOLOSHOT3’s max pan speed is 120 degrees per second, so the further the subject is from the camera, the faster the subject can move while the Base keeps up. 
SOLOSHOT3 | Robot Cameraman Tracks Quick RC Truck
Shot on SOLOSHOT3 + Optic65 at 1080p30
Schedule Updates
In June, we shared updates about completing two out of the three remaining gates blocking shipping to you, our incredibly patient customers. We also showcased the Optic25 Camera’s image quality and the easy-to-use motion time-lapse feature. Although we made significant progress this month, we’re not through Gate 3 just yet! We had a lot of momentum going into the month of July, and worked on the following items to get SOLOSHOT3 that much closer to arriving at your doorstep…

Gate 1: Mass Production of Hardware
  • Mass Production has now stabilized and a second manufacturing shift is being added so we can continue to ramp production volumes throughout August.
  • We have primarily focused on Optic65 Bundles up until now, but Optic25 will be the star of the production line starting next week.
 Gate 2: “First Boot Mode” Software
  • With the Over the Air (OTA) update bug fixed, we were able to perform the “last flash” on much of the previously mass produced hardware and are extremely happy to announce the first large shipment of SOLOSHOT3 bundles to the USA!
  • The production team is currently finishing up packing and stacking over 20 pallets of flashed units that will be shipped to the US fulfillment center this weekend. 
Gate 3: Customer Software Readiness
Once this final gate is completed, we will release the units from our US fulfillment center to your doorstep. There are 3 key areas where we are refining software, one of which is currently blocking shipping:
  • First Boot Flow, Update App & Account Registration
    • This trifecta of software is the limiting factor currently blocking shipment from our fulfillment center to you. With Last Flash and OTA solidly in the rearview mirror, a large part of the Base & Cloud Software teams are now focused on getting this software suite across the line.
    • SOLOSHOT3 has 7 computer chips that must be updated each time we push new software to you, including the very first time you receive and unbox your unit.
    • We are in the process of making sure this process is robust and expect it to be completed in the next few weeks.
  • Tracking + User Interface
    • Beta testing results have been incredibly useful in helping us strike a balance between maximum tracking accuracy and customer ease-of-use.
    • Our next step is putting finishing touches on the tracking algorithm so we can lock in the User Interface improvements and begin the final Quality Assurance testing on the full SOLOSHOT3 v1.0.0 Software Suite. 
  • Camera
    • Focus – You might have noticed some defocusing while SOLOSHOT3 was tracking that snappy little car in the video above, and we did too. The team continues to reduce and hopefully eliminate the cause, but we will not let that issue block shipping since it can be continually improved through subsequent software updates.
    • Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) – although this is also not a shipping blocker, the 65x camera team is working to reduce certain side effects caused by the OIS sub-system while making sure it delivers the intended vibration dampening.
With the SOLOSHOT3 Base, Tag and Cameras solidly into mass production and the accompanying software suite almost ready for customer consumption, more and more of the engineering and factory team are turning their attention to driving the Pro through its own design and production gates. As mentioned previously, SOLOSHOT3 is being designed to utilize all of the existing SOLOSHOT3 printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA’s) as well as much of the software suite with the exception of a few motor and touchscreen specific drivers. The primary focus of the engineering teams is to leverage all we learned about mass producing the existing drive train and transitioning that knowledge to the scaled up SOLOSHOT3Pro version.

Now that SOLOSHOT3 is on the verge of shipping, we will be moving Pro updates to its very own newsletter and look forward to providing more details as the Pro Team gets a better handle on expected shipping schedule. 
Customer Support
Please know that we hear you and appreciate both your criticism and support, alike. We owe you an awesome product, and we strive every single day to achieve that goal. Every member of the team feels the pressure, and we are bursting at the seams to get SOLOSHOT3 into your hands as soon as possible.

If you haven’t already had a chance to chat with us, please don’t hesitate to do so! Give us a call at 866-347-0869, M-F from 8 am to 7 pm CST, or reply to this email to start a conversation. 

Everybody at Team SOLOSHOT

Thank you!

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