3 Big Announcements

1. SOLOSHOTedit Beta Release

After months of testing by your fellow SOLOSHOTers, SOLOSHOTedit beta will be made available for download by everyone next week. Our editor, through highlight suggestions, makes slicing, dicing and sharing your SOLOSHOT videos easy. Film for hours and then quickly find and share the good stuff to Facebook, Youtube and the SOLOSHOTapp.

Stay tuned for a separate email on how to access and use the highlight suggestion software. Note - you must update your SOLOSHOT3 as well to be compatible with SOLOSHOTedit.

Check out these videos made by customers with SOLOSHOTedit:

Soccer | Surf

2. Calling All App Developers

SOLOSHOT3 is a platform built on Android. We will be opening our SDK to 3rd party app developers so we can rapidly deliver all kinds of new capabilities! Keep an eye out for our sign up page for more details.

3. We're Simplifying Our Camera Lineup

As we will be focusing our supply chain on the Optic65 Camera going forward, now is a great opportunity to get your own SOLOSHOT3 with Optic25 Camera for just $399 (while supplies last). And don't worry, the Optic25 will continue to be supported in all upcoming software releases.

So, if you’ve been waiting on the sidelines hoping for a great entry level price to the SOLOSHOT ecosystem, now’s your chance to get your SOLOSHOT3 + Optic25 for just $399 before supplies run out.

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