Step 1: Select a SOLOSHOT System
To get started you will need a Base Unit and Transmitter to form a SOLOSHOT system. SOLOSHOT, SOLOSHOT2, and the SOLOSHOT2 Package have different capabilities to fit your needs.
Click on an image below to learn more about each system.


SOLOSHOT2 Bases & Transmitters

Step 2: Add Bases and Transmitters
SOLOSHOT2 Systems may be configured to film a single subject from multiple bases, multiple subjects from a single base, or even multiple subjects from multiple bases.
Select from the extra bases and transmitters below.



Step 3: Add Optional Gear
SOLOSHOT2 has many new and planned accessories. From camera controllers to tripod mounts, SOLOSHOT accessories allow you to tailor your system so you can concentrate on the experience while SOLOSHOT captures it.
Additional accessories coming soon!